How to begin

…by saying that these days are crystal clear and in a semi-holding patterns. Faces are ingrained to memory as is the place, apartment and it’s things. What would you keep? What would you sell? I sold my desk. It stood first and was purchased 3 days ago. IKEA has decent resale value in Vancouver. Something to take note of if you ever move here and then need leave is that you can sell them.

All my fabric items I’m going to launder however this is proving next to impossible and I believe I will bag most of it up and donate it, only if they can wash it first. Women’s shelters need clothes.

As the days pass I want to take less and less with me. I am choosing memories and practicality for anything that isn’t a tool, to bring or ship East.

I went to visit Junko 4 nights ago. She said it best, “You need to get away from overwhelming apartment”.

I’ve really had to numb out external stimuli this last week. Concentrating is proving unreliable. Meer mutters of scrolling by hand or keyboard as of late mainly on paper. There are people here I couldn’t care less to see. There are people whom I’d love to stow away to travel with me.

And on a political note please vote anything other than for the conservative party at any upcoming Canadian elections.

Finding order in chaos is easing frustration.

Saying “NO” and staying relatively private about “why?” when asked.

The reasons are many.

Went to first appointment for ADD. I feel weird and somber.

I fly out late this month.

I’m outside most days in the garden weeding, pruning and doing.

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3 thoughts on “How to begin”

  1. “Change your place, change your luck.”

    I might miss the opportunity of meeting you again before you depart but I will continue to read your blog.

    Safe journeys,


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