lou says – 02.08.52

lou says: (02:08:52)

good morning

lou says: (02:08:59)

are you there??

EastVanEsica says: (02:14:42)

Hi I’m here now

EastVanEsica says: (02:14:54)

was in the washroom

lou says: (02:15:09)

ah i was just sending you an email its not finished but i’ll send it anyway

EastVanEsica says: (02:15:16)

sold the apple tree and concord grapevine

EastVanEsica says: (02:15:18)


lou says: (02:15:21)


EastVanEsica says: (02:15:23)


EastVanEsica says: (02:15:35)

made 200 today

EastVanEsica says: (02:15:41)

205 actually

lou says: (02:15:47)

did you convince them to buy something else

EastVanEsica says: (02:15:55)

I need about 4 hundred more by the end of the weekend

EastVanEsica says: (02:16:06)

Junko bouight a few things

lou says: (02:16:16)

aim for $600

lou says: (02:16:40)

did you get my email

EastVanEsica says: (02:16:42)


EastVanEsica says: (02:16:46)


EastVanEsica says: (02:16:54)

I’ll check ina bit

lou says: (02:17:02)

dad said it is supposed to go to 30 today

EastVanEsica says: (02:17:07)


lou says: (02:17:09)

but yesterday the wind was soo cold

lou says: (02:17:13)

i don’t think it will

lou says: (02:17:30)

Dawn stopped me at work the other day and said ‘Is Jessica coming back?

lou says: (02:17:35)

I said yes how did you kno9w

lou says: (02:17:44)

she said her mother told her

lou says: (02:17:48)

Shyanne told her mother

EastVanEsica says: (02:17:52)


EastVanEsica says: (02:18:15)

the internet is marvelous eh?

lou says: (02:18:22)


lou says: (02:18:47)

if used for good

EastVanEsica says: (02:18:53)


lou says: (02:19:10)

dad and i went to sobeys after talking with you last evening

lou says: (02:19:21)

and i saw our priest there and said hi

lou says: (02:19:30)

i hadn’t been to church since christmas

lou says: (02:19:38)

and it kept me awak last night

lou says: (02:19:45)

or probably the tea did

EastVanEsica says: (02:19:51)

the tea did

lou says: (02:19:51)

but i was thinking about it and

EastVanEsica says: (02:19:57)


lou says: (02:20:08)

i think i will try and start going again

lou says: (02:20:16)

its only 3/4 hr per wk

lou says: (02:20:24)

and i was thinking i can go on saturdays

lou says: (02:20:32)

that way my sundays are free

lou says: (02:20:41)

i don’t like planni g things for sunday

lou says: (02:20:51)

for some reason i want that day just

lou says: (02:20:57)

….to be…

EastVanEsica says: (02:20:59)

I’m planning to have my final sale sunday

lou says: (02:21:10)

thats good

EastVanEsica says: (02:21:13)

it’s nice to have a day to just “be”

EastVanEsica says: (02:21:24)

should “be” everyday

lou says: (02:21:29)

yeah and sunday is the day that i feel like that

lou says: (02:21:49)


EastVanEsica says: (02:21:52)

my day was today

lou says: (02:22:00)


EastVanEsica says: (02:22:14)

junko, tomoko, darren and rene surprised me with supper and company

EastVanEsica says: (02:22:17)

was so nice

EastVanEsica says: (02:22:22)

out on the deck today

EastVanEsica says: (02:22:27)

junko cooked

lou says: (02:22:28)

yes that is really nice

EastVanEsica says: (02:22:33)


EastVanEsica says: (02:22:37)


EastVanEsica says: (02:22:43)

I love those guys

EastVanEsica says: (02:22:45)

so much

lou says: (02:22:51)


lou says: (02:22:56)

they can come visit

EastVanEsica says: (02:23:06)

Yeah, i believe they will

EastVanEsica says: (02:23:15)

as I’ll visit them wherever they go in the world

EastVanEsica says: (02:23:19)

and they, I

lou says: (02:23:37)

yes the world is not that big anymore

EastVanEsica says: (02:23:42)


lou says: (02:23:53)

i have an awfully messy desk

EastVanEsica says: (02:23:58)


EastVanEsica says: (02:24:01)

sell it

EastVanEsica says: (02:24:09)

then it won’t exist to be messy

lou says: (02:24:09)

i have a lot to do before you get here with all your stuff,,,,heheheh

EastVanEsica says: (02:24:16)


lou says: (02:24:41)

i hate having a messy house but it never seems to stay tidy very long

lou says: (02:24:54)

some people it doesn’t bother but it does me

EastVanEsica says: (02:24:55)

do you know who your talking to

lou says: (02:25:03)


EastVanEsica says: (02:25:09)

I’m princess mess

EastVanEsica says: (02:25:21)

and you be mommy dearest

lou says: (02:25:27)

well maybe we can both try to keep each other tidy

EastVanEsica says: (02:25:36)

and dad is mess and stephen is do do do

lou says: (02:25:42)

it really does make our mental state feel better when things are organized

EastVanEsica says: (02:25:43)


EastVanEsica says: (02:25:52)

I gree

lou says: (02:26:11)

i was also thinking maybe we could exercise together to keep motivated

EastVanEsica says: (02:26:21)

sounds good

EastVanEsica says: (02:26:23)


lou says: (02:26:25)

i was doing so good for 3 mos and now it stopped again

lou says: (02:26:33)

lost 25 lbs and holding there

EastVanEsica says: (02:26:41)

that is awesome

EastVanEsica says: (02:26:52)

woot mom!

lou says: (02:27:01)

i’m still watching what i eat

lou says: (02:27:30)

but last week bought 2L ice cream and had it for dessert every day with chocolate and butterscotch syrup

lou says: (02:27:45)

now i don’t want to see ice cream for quite a while

lou says: (02:27:59)


EastVanEsica says: (02:28:07)

sounds like me eating chips and fast food

lou says: (02:28:18)

oh i don’t dare start on chips

EastVanEsica says: (02:28:19)

and pepsi

EastVanEsica says: (02:28:27)

don’t do it!

EastVanEsica says: (02:28:32)

fight the urge for chips

lou says: (02:28:39)

that would be my downfall so i think i’ve had one small bag at work

EastVanEsica says: (02:28:40)

I have none left so I don’t feel so bad

EastVanEsica says: (02:28:49)


lou says: (02:28:49)

couple weeks ago, only one since January

EastVanEsica says: (02:29:00)

that is awful

lou says: (02:29:06)

i eat a lot of popcorn

EastVanEsica says: (02:29:15)

I’m joking about the awful

EastVanEsica says: (02:29:21)

popcorn good

lou says: (02:29:21)

also realized that orville is the only good popcorn

lou says: (02:29:35)

its expensive but good

EastVanEsica says: (02:29:37)

it’s probably genetically modified

lou says: (02:29:46)

that’s ok

lou says: (02:29:49)

most foods are

lou says: (02:30:01)

we’ll all be robots in no time

EastVanEsica says: (02:30:12)

in the year 2525

EastVanEsica says: (02:30:17)

if man is still alive

lou says: (02:30:18)

we went to see Georgia Rule

lou says: (02:30:22)

the other night

EastVanEsica says: (02:30:25)

how was that?

lou says: (02:30:31)

it is really good

lou says: (02:30:41)

when you come i’ll give you a free pass to go see it

EastVanEsica says: (02:30:49)


EastVanEsica says: (02:30:51)


lou says: (02:30:53)

you will really enjoy it

EastVanEsica says: (02:31:02)

I will eh?

lou says: (02:31:05)


EastVanEsica says: (02:31:18)


EastVanEsica says: (02:31:20)


lou says: (02:31:21)

well i better get going

lou says: (02:31:27)

nice chatting with you this eary morning

EastVanEsica says: (02:31:28)

have a good day at work

EastVanEsica says: (02:31:31)

you too

lou says: (02:31:45)

sorry we argued last night

EastVanEsica says: (02:31:51)

about what?

lou says: (02:31:51)

but you know we will

lou says: (02:31:57)

awh thats good

lou says: (02:32:01)

you forgot

EastVanEsica says: (02:32:08)

seriously it is all good

lou says: (02:32:08)

i woke up thinking about that too

lou says: (02:32:15)

oh my

EastVanEsica says: (02:32:18)

I forgot

lou says: (02:32:21)

my brain is working overtime

lou says: (02:32:27)

ok have a good night

EastVanEsica says: (02:32:27)


EastVanEsica says: (02:32:30)

mom relax

lou says: (02:32:34)

keep in touch

EastVanEsica says: (02:32:35)

I am your daughter

lou says: (02:32:38)

me relax???

lou says: (02:32:42)


EastVanEsica says: (02:32:42)

I’m not mother teresa

lou says: (02:32:50)

no comment

EastVanEsica says: (02:32:54)


EastVanEsica says: (02:33:03)

have a good day

lou says: (02:33:04)

gotta go or i’ll be late

EastVanEsica says: (02:33:06)

I love you

lou says: (02:33:07)


lou says: (02:33:10)

luv u 2

EastVanEsica says: (02:33:20)

I’m gonna post this conversation to my blog

lou says: (02:33:20)


EastVanEsica says: (02:33:25)

because it’s great

EastVanEsica says: (02:33:27)


lou says: (02:33:28)

yeah right you are

EastVanEsica says: (02:33:31)

IO am

lou says: (02:33:40)

don’t you dare

EastVanEsica says: (02:33:44)

do you ever read http://dooce.com

lou says: (02:33:49)


EastVanEsica says: (02:33:56)

she and her mom are hilarious

EastVanEsica says: (02:34:01)


lou says: (02:34:19)

i’ll check it out later

lou says: (02:34:20)


EastVanEsica says: (02:34:24)

I love you

EastVanEsica says: (02:34:31)


lou says: (02:34:34)


EastVanEsica says: (02:34:36)

ba bye mom

EastVanEsica says: (02:34:37)


lou says: (02:34:39)

over an out!

EastVanEsica says: (02:34:50)

rosco peeko train

EastVanEsica says: (02:34:53)


lou says: (02:35:01)


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