7 thoughts on “Stress and Jessica”

  1. Have a great flight Jessica. Moving can be a pain, but it can also be exciting. Let us know when you’re safely back on the ground.

  2. I’m here except i am in Fredericton right now visiting with family. My timezones are all mixed up as I flew overnight on Tuesday night, arrived in Toronto at 6:45AM then on to Saint John arriving there at 12:45PM.

    I am all mixed up. LOL. Will take a little time before I’m back up and blogging as I forgot the power adaptor for my laptop in Vancouver. I’ll be having it shipped soon enough.

    Using my aunts laptop right now and will be using my mom’s when I get back to Saint John.

    Next week will bring a little more normalcy to my blogging again. :)

    Trip was good, quiet and uneventful. I slept most of the time and have many a tale to tell of what went on in the weeks previous to my move. Whoah.

    It’s good to be home yet, very different, but good.

    Miss all you guys.

    xo *muah*

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