I will be ripening until late summer. You can come and pick me on September 1st.

Blasted! How does one begin a post such as this?

Well, you begin by saying “I will return on September 01, 2007 to write and create on this Blog.”

I’ve been asking myself many questions as of late pertaining to life, blogging, love, family, work and creativity, and where it is that I want to be within all of those things. I am there now existing in one form or other in all of them. The shape appears draped with cloth, hazy and just out of reach; when today that is just not so.

I have been thinking much on the Law of Attraction. I have been thinking much on how integral it is for a human being to be part of something, regardless of what it is that she chooses and wants to be part of.

I’ve begun thinking how a maniquin is only a maniquin and not a human being with emotion, unless you animate it and make it your own.

I bid you all adieu tonight. I’ll see you around and be by to say hi on all your own respective *sites.

I honestly love you my online friends. *muah*

*blog didn’t rhyme

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10 thoughts on “I will be ripening until late summer. You can come and pick me on September 1st.”

  1. If you would like to get in touch with me email me at:


    Please remove all semi-colons to create eastvanesica and type the word dot as a period (.) which appears as a nipple inside the parenphesies.

    (.)(.) boobies.


  2. You’re part of our community Jessica…we love you! So be sure to return with that typically amazing Jessica`ness… :)

    Be well!

  3. Finally I’ve gotten over here to respond.

    You are a part of my reading, and I have grown attached to finding out what was up with you, and your perspective on things. Ultimately, doesn’t that mean that you had become a part of my life?

    So you are missed. Occasionally I have checked back just to see…

    But I am glad you are taking self time. Its a good thing.

    Please drop me a note to let me know when you are back in a form that I can access you :)

    Best wishes,


  4. When you come back, you’ll have more things to discuss with the rest of us and plus a break has a strange effect on perspective, especially in a mind “refreshed” by said break.

  5. Saint John has this friendliness, non-selfish smile upon it. It’s a great place to find yourself yet keep in touch with others, whether it’s family and friends or just a passer by. I am glad that your smile and hapiness has made a difference on mine!

  6. Imagine that, we both left and returned on pretty much the same dates 😀

    Hope your time away from the Blog was a good one.

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