Have you ever tried to work out the way you think.

I think about this person saying these things to another person.

“She is fabulous!
She is an artist”

“Oh really
tell me more”

Tonight it dawned on me. It rose up beyond the clouds into perception;
into reality.
I think about people and what they think of me
much of the time.
Is that,
what I am thinking?


I think about those people saying things to other people when in fact, I am thinking about saying things to other people about themselves.


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6 thoughts on “Have you ever tried to work out the way you think.”

  1. Virgilius –

    like what the state of the world would be like?

    I suppose we would all be quite egotistical and thus the world would NOT be how it is today as we would all be mesmerized by/in our own plights.

    Transhunanism – Thanks for the new word and artistic inspiration I could take from it. New reading material for me.

    Care to summarize what you believe transhumanism to be?

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