6 thoughts on “The Story Begins”

  1. I’ve missed your art, Jessica. Very cool piece on that first page. How do you like the Moleskine cahier? I find the paper to be a tad transparent.

  2. wagonized – I do find the cahier paper thin. I’ve been drawing and/or writing on one side. Wanted to try it just for fun to get myself into the habit of drawing daily. When I purchased the set of three cahier’s I also bought a Moleskine Watercolor journal. I can’t wait to paint in it! I’m glad to see you wagonized :)

  3. Candice! – LOL about the feed readers. I love reappearing :)

    Thank you about the art. I’m just getting back into the swing of things and that includes reading in my reader also, then re-familiarizing myself with coding and publishing (well, my understanding of it). It was nice to take a break from being online after moving cross-country.

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