I am moving again – digitally that is to WordPress.com and Flickr

Yes, that time of year has arrived where I must pay Hosting and Domain Name renewal fees. This year, however, I am solely renewing the domain name of http://jessicadoyle.ca.

Jessica layered, inverted & multiplied

I have enjoyed hosting a WordPress.org Blog. I learned a helluva lot. The learning curve has become a burden I am sad to say, as I am inept at updating the software, and the sheer volume of possible combinations of themes, plugins and CSS styles has overwhelmed me. Moving to WordPress.com will eliminate most of that choice bringing things back to basics and what I truly want to do, write, draw and share.

Since moving to Saint John the realization of:
a. I am not stupid set in đŸ˜‰ and,
b. Simplify your online life both became quite apparent.

I know enough to make a choice in pursuit of happiness rather than remain stagnant on this Blog.

I can be found at http://jessicadoyle.wordpress.com. In a month I’ll be pointing that Blog to the domain name of http://jessicadoyle.ca after I complete transferring all the published posts on this Blog to that Blog. And from what I have discovered that is no easy task plugin or no plugin. My categories have disappeared and I am no XML wizard. But, I will do my best even if it comes down to copying and pasting each post, 345 in all manually. I wanted to do some editing anyways!

For the time being I will not be updating this Blog nor the WordPress.com Blog. I will be updating Flickr with art and handwritten posts two or three times per week. Hope to see you around! And I will announce when I am alive over on WordPress.com.

Wish me luck.

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8 thoughts on “I am moving again – digitally that is to WordPress.com and Flickr”

  1. i’ve had the category problem with the XML export many a time. usually, it’s that the XML contains category instead of category. a simple find and replace usually fixes it. if you want, i can do it for you, just drop me the export in an email.

  2. Adam – I navigated to your blog a few times after reading your comments on this issue in the WordPress forums. I did indeed become confused.

    I’ll export and send you the XML file.

    Thank you kindly :)

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