How do you clean your mind?

I began, a few moments ago, thinking about how I wished I could remove my brain, throw it in the wash with detergent and later dry it outside on the line in the crisp autumn air.

I can’t literally do that though and that fact irks me especially after a day like today.

I am only able to wash my skin if dirty, exercise if fat and eat if hungry. The mind is different and yes, every one of those things affects the mind indirectly but they cannot immediately rid it of dirt.

This got me thinking about drugs and how I crave them during moments of high stress. Yes, moments, for the urge can pass to instantaneously fix the sleepiness, stupidness or inattentiveness. On days like today though the moments turned into hours and the 15 minute break worked for about 15 minutes upon my return to working. I know, I know there will be days like these.

I wish I had that little bottle on days like these. I wish I had my magic potion. I wish I could sip it into oblivion and be unaware of my own existence, only conscious of other’s insistence.

Today I found two pennies.

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18 thoughts on “How do you clean your mind?”

  1. Math homework does a particularly good job of erasing stuff out of my head. I forget so much stuff from doing homework that I get obsessive about lists during the semester.

    Ballet class works as well, because you have to pay so much attention to muscles and movement and all that stuff that everything else disappears for a little while.

  2. I have found one of the best ways of “cleaning your mind” is a strong focus positivity.

    Logically, if you are strongly focused on positive things, there should be no room for those things that you wish you could “wash away” in your conscious mind.

    Were they heads up?

  3. Math homework Candice? You’re awesome Ballet class sounds like it would be a tremendous help to easing the burdens of mentally charged day. I ended up doing some drawing and the writing of this post that particular day. It had been crazy insane at work. I tend to go walking too which seems to be good. I also took hoola hooping back up this summer/fall after a brief hiatus from it.

  4. Scott – Yes, keeping the “positive” in perspective helps a great deal. I am of the belief though that every now and then a mental cleanse is good and that doesn’t mean that it has to be drug induced.

    LOL- I can’t remember whether they were heads up or not. They were both found in two different areas about 5 minutes from eachother.

  5. Its funny that you should mention that Jessica. Three days ago I found a penny near the place that I work while I was taking a walk to get some air and stretch my legs.

    Two days ago I found a penny in pretty much the same spot that I did not notice the first time around.

  6. I’ve been finding many pennies lately. I work in an area of town that is ALL retail. Sadly most people discard their pennies. Gladly it makes me wealthier.

  7. Right now as my brain is fried from calculus, ballet sounds awesome. Missed class this week from the rainstorm.

    I have not had success in taking yoga seriously, mostly because of dance training… Dance classes are easy to find, however.

  8. I have this belief that the luck attaches only to picking the penny up; you don’t actually have to keep it. And I’m such a socialist that I’ve been known to pick a penny up a couple of times and then leave it there for the next person to do that.

    To clean your mind out, either work up a sweat doing virtually anything or read or children’s books, particularly your old favorites. I can practically recite the Voyage of the Dawn Treader by now.

  9. Scott – Good rhyme! I hadn’t heard the latter part before “hell…” :):)

    Candice – I used to Dance every weekend on both Friday and Saturday nights then I sobered up. I went hiking with my Mom last Sunday around one of the local lakes. I honestly have yet to do Yoga. I’ve tried Qi Gong though. At work I’m runnin’ all over the place and tired when I get home and physically I’m not able to do much more because I’m on my feet 8 hours a day. I must say that sometimes I miss an office job.

    At the office though I arrived home mentally exhausted while at my current job I arrive home physically tired. I’m going to hike again this coming sunday hopefully.

    Hope you are drying out Candice. Saw your pics up on flickr…

  10. raincoaster – I never thought of that before…

    you don’t actually have to keep it.

    I have given the penny to someone else to double the luck; very common practice here in the East. Similar idea.

    Fark – haven’t read them in a little while. I’ll take a wonder over there.

    Ahhh, children’s books. One of my favorite subjects. Funny though I’ve never written about it on this blog nor even mentioned the like. I did an independent study for a full semester in college on children’s book illustration. There is a whole part of me I’ve been pushing away lately (a decade or so) and it gets harder to continue doing so.

  11. Math homework… I guess that works.

    Focusing intently on something, like drawing or painting. Relaxing in a steam bath after a work out. Working out, running until I can’t run no more.

    I’m thinking about getting a Flybar and visiting Quebec for a few months next year…

    Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak!

  12. Flybar, looks insanely dangerous. I wonder if they will come up with one that lets you jump even more than 5-7 feet. Nope most probably, I’ll be in Quebec from January to May 2008. Then back in Asia.

  13. virgilius Yes, wouldn;t the world be spectacular if they did.

    range I live about 9 hours driving from Montreal. Maybe we could meet up or something when you are here next year.

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