How to Have an Eargasm

1 + 2 + 3 = 6ex

How to have an EARGASM

The above instructional How to Have an Eargasm illustration inspired this post:
He popped his cherry.

*Please proceed with caution as I will NOT be held accountable for any inner ear damage due to the onslaught of multiple eargasms attained by following the above illustrated directions.
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12 thoughts on “How to Have an Eargasm”

  1. MadTV did a whole skit on this. Parents knocking down bathroom doors to discover what their kids were up to in there.

    “Where did you learn Q-tip abuse, Junior?”

    “I learned it from you, Dad. I learned it from you.”

  2. i had mi frist eargosm lats happen whitout mi doing anyting,juts lied down :oit was incridble.i tink it was bcoz of teh full moon<3<3<3

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