Jesus knows…

Jesus knows

…how to get the demons out.

How to get the Demons Out

There is a tropical Storm Named Noel traversing the Maritimes right now. I hijacked a camera and began clicking a few images of myself and seeing as I have not published ANY NEW photos to this blog of myself (in a year perhaps) I thought I would. The two above stood out from the rest. If you were looking for a nice smile the one below is best. :)

Smile you are standing in front of the bathroom mirror

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9 thoughts on “Jesus knows…”

  1. I liked the pictures… got a laugh from some of the faces. Quite like what you have done with the watercolours too. Is that a new set or did you find the old one?

  2. I found the old one Brian. As it turns out I had left it at a friends house. Glad it was there to because it would have cost 45 bucks to replace it.

    Thanks about the photos. :)

  3. hey jessica, it was nice to meet you last night at david’s house. i was one of the felted bag makers, the dark haired one (that sounds so mysterious…..”the dark haired one” 😛 ). hopefully david will have another party in the near future and you can join us again.

    ha! i noticed your post about eargasms. not everyone is aware of such a thing, and about a week ago i brought up the subject to two of my good friends. very amusing conversation!

  4. For a moment there I thought you were providing a “how to” post about exorcism. So I was trying to figure out, “is it the camera, the funny faces, or the bright lights that get the demons out?” I was sure there was a comment in there about getting the demons out. Then I saw the part about Hurricane Noel and got terribly, terribly confused.

    Then I rubbed my eyes and thought, hey, this is just a blog post with some interesting pictures and writing. And good lord, this blogger is in the same province as I am! Which really doesn’t make much difference, but we like to refer back to familiar labels, right?

    Then it was quitting time at work, so I decided that this comment was getting too silly, so I ended it. The end.

    Mark Dykeman, The Uncanny Broadcasting Brain Blog

    PS – Cool blog

  5. Rahul Sharma – anytime!

    heidi – Hi heidi. Was great to meet you to and all the others. You are a very pretty dark haired one. Yes, i hope we can all meet again. Was very nice meeting other creative minds all in the same room. A big thanks to David.

    Oh, eargasms…

  6. markdykeman – OMG I almost peed my pants when I read your comment. An exorcism eh?

    …is it the camera, the funny faces, or the bright lights that get the demons out?

    ANSWER – All three.

    You are a fellow New Brunswicker… Bring all the silliness you want to here. I’m all for laughing to get those damned demons out!

    PS – Cool blog

    Thanks. Tell your coworkers to read to 😉

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