Three Psycho Snowmen or How to Identify Which Drug Your Snowman is Taking

The Opiate Addict

The Opiate Addict

He has very tiny pupils. His snow is dirty yet he appears to be happy. He chooses to dress in overly bright decorative scarves that have been out of style for 15 years.

The Amphetamines Addict

The Amphetamines Addict

Notice how happy, bright and shiny this snowman is! Look closely at his dilated pupils and dryed out mouth. He even sports his own hand made wooden pipe.

…and The Alcoholic

The Alcaholic

This snowman is depressed. His snow is dirty, his eyes are dull and his nose has gin blossomed. His clothes are clean but faded and old.

Three Psycho Snowmen

I come from a family of crafters and labourers who have what some may call a peculiar sense of humor. When you are couped up inside month after month during winter you need to do something to bide your time.

After living on Vancouver’s Eastside for four years I couldn’t help but laugh at these snowmen my folks made. All three do resemble mentally impaired folk art style candle holding drug addicts.

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5 thoughts on “Three Psycho Snowmen or How to Identify Which Drug Your Snowman is Taking”

  1. I have an affinity with The Alcoholic snowman. He and I are kinfolk for sure. No bright, white, and shiny snowman here! Thanks for sharing this little family of realistic snowmen.

  2. Heidi – My folks created these snowman a few years ago just for fun with no intention of them resembling addicts in the end. I hadn’t seen them until this year when Dad pulled them out of one of the Christmas decoration boxes. I burst out laughing. He laughed. I just couldn’t get it out of my head how much they resembled crazy people in their own cute snowmen way. They certainly weren’t created to be addicts or alcoholics and neither are people really.

    We all get sick. We all have the ability to get better and in the least become aware of mental health and addiction concerns.

    Humour has a way of breaking the ice and opening the lines for intelligent conversation around these issues. :)

  3. I definitely got your tongue-in-cheek description of each snowman. I’d still like to put my arm around the last one and say “hey fella, I feel your pain!” Good thing there’s no booze in the house tonight. đŸ˜‰

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