14 months is a long time to wait for camera parts

I had purchased this Panasonic 3CCD mini DV / camera 250 as a sobriety gift to myself about 24 months ago. I had saved all the money I would normally have spent on drugs to buy this camera. It cost about a grand at the time of purchase. Fourteen months ago after my mom visited in Vancouver I either misplaced or lost three very important parts; the adapter/charger, the usb chord and a cable that attached the charger to battery to camera.

I had returned to London Drugs to see if I could buy replacement parts (whether they be Panasonic or not) and they said no, not for this particular model. I was floored.

Time went on and my battery ran out.

I eventually began calling local Panasonic dealers and none of them could help.

I moved to Saint John bringing the useless piece of metal and plastic with me.

in the park

In September of this year I began searching online for parts. I first checked Panasonic Canada. USELESS! This site pointed me to other distributor sites scattered around Canada. Some serviced only Panasonic appliances and others who carried my camera did not sell the replacement parts at all or only sold the parts I needed in bundles which would have cost much more than buying them individually.

I typed in http://panasonic.com. I navigated to their support section. I located the model and was flabbergasted that they supplied and sold every screw, adapter, plug, transistor, circuit, bolt, chord and lens cap cover available to any camera they produce. I found everything I needed for a grand total of $49.09 plus shipping. BUT I live in Canada and they only sold to United States residents. I picked up the phone and dialed the 1 800 number hoping Pansonic and not “We’re sorry the number you have dialed does not exist”, would be on the other end.

“Hello, Pansonic, Bob speaking, how can I help you?”
“I live in Canada. Can you sell to me over the phone?”
“Yes, we can.”

I almost shit myself. I read the lengthy part numbers off to the man.

$66.67 and 14 months later I am able to use my camera again. It is the one I am holding in the picture.

This is best Christmas gift ever!
Thank you Mom

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8 thoughts on “14 months is a long time to wait for camera parts”

  1. Yasmeen – Very interesting eh…

    Ian – Yes, helplessness crossed my mind many times on the quest to locate camera parts. And the parts work! I turned my camera on today for the first time in over a year. Was odd to see all these photos and video on it that I had all but forgotten about.

    Nice to meet you both.

    Happy Holidays :)

  2. This seems to be a classic case of different parts of a company having no clue what is actually possible. It seems unbelievable that a company would not sell replacement parts to pieces that are removable (ie. easily lost). Who would continue to buy their equipment otherwise?

  3. Brian – I seriously had begun to think I would not be able to use this camera again. But am of the belief that if you want something badly enough you’ll do what it takes to find it. I will continue to purchase their equipment as I located, after 14 months mind you, their replacement parts mother ship.

  4. That kind of thing happens all of the time in the West. To my knowledge, it’s rare that it happens in the East. For example, if any part is missing, you have thousands of choices in Taipei. Seriously, it’s crazy.

    I went to a computer market the other day. It’s actually more of a computer district. It’s a neighborhood centered around the GuangHua Computer Market that sells computers and electronics. Thousands of vendors all selling mostly the same thing. It’s great for people who enjoy to bargain, but it can be overwhelming.

  5. There certainly isn’t anything like that here range. Wish there had been 14 months ago. LOL! I wish Western Countries would adopt the belief that it is ok to repair something rather than having to replace something.

    It’s all about economics.

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