Outstanding Artist – This woman draws ladies!


France Belleville, AKA wagonized draws her ladies beautifully and accurately.


And her portraits are to be reckoned with.


She can be found at her Wagonized Blog and also on flickr.

You inspire me to be a better artist. I love those damn shoes! 😉

*Images are the property of the artist.

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4 thoughts on “Outstanding Artist – This woman draws ladies!”

  1. I love the shoes, but the ladies! Love them love them.

    By the way. My artist sister gifted me with some canvas paper and acrylics for christmas. (Painting was the only one of the graphic arts I ever had patience for in school.)

    Maybe it will make the bf’s art-school mother like me more.

  2. Her ladies are fabulous eh!

    Can’t wait to see what you paint with them. The mother in law’s always have it out for the daughter in laws. It could work though. It will give you a break at least from mathematics. Maybe you could paint formulas? 😉

  3. Math is oddly a break from work. Mostly because it involves loading my head with so much stuff that I cannot remember whatever else was bothering me.

  4. Math is work for me. Well measuring using fractions and decimals. If i’m a 1/16 of an inch off in measuring it can really screw things up when custom picture framing. Most orders we allow an 1/8 of an inch leeway but there are some items that don’t have that 1/8 inch to play with.

    Art is my release from work.

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