On silliness, smiles and the pursuit of happniess

Is it as hard as taking that first step into the unknown or is it as easy as risking everything for something substantial. These nights I find myself pondering questions, seeking answers and challenging myself all in the pursuit happiness.

Deco Bird

I don’t smile anymore when I’m not happy nor will I make small talk when in a fowl mood. Why? Because it’s fake. I believe in honesty. I’m not saying I’ll jump down your throat when you smile and say hello but I may not respond with the same enthusiasm you have per say.

A smile needs to be genuine. A smile needs to be trusted. A smile needs to show your character. When created in truth a smile is pure soul. Nothing less. Nothing more. It is integral that we as human beings become aware of realism.

Don’t you get tired of TV? Of all that shit the politicians smile saying will be better someday. Now I’m laughing. Silly politicians.

Reality is it’s freezing outside here tonight. Reality is exhaustion from working 10 to 12 hour days, seven days a week. Reality is a beloved family member is terribly sick. Reality is keeping in check what is real and throwing away what is not.

Image Title – Deco Bird, ink and marker on acid free paper

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9 thoughts on “On silliness, smiles and the pursuit of happniess”

  1. In northern germany the people don’t smile very much, so sometimes it’s nice to see happy people, but i agree absolutely to the need of authenticity! My whole life i hated every kind of fake-things: fake-toys, fake-tools, and especially fake-people with fake-emotions. Don’t say ‘yes’ when you feel ‘no’, that makes you happy. That’s honesty. Throwing away what’s not real is a necessity for a self-determined life and genuine emotions.

  2. Oliver – you are as genuine with your words as you are with your art.

    I love those little drawings you sent here to me in Canada. And am so happy the ones i sent arrived to you.

    Here’s to genuine emotion and frequent international art collaboration!


  3. I can see why you have a problem with superficial things…you have to understand that flattery can be the most insincere superficial thing there is…but I wouldn’t go as far to summarily dismiss a smile…sometimes a smile facilitates to keep our thoughts in check…that is you are feeling the thoughts that are going through your head…and before pronouncing the genuine smile dead…of which you could write an Elegy…I would consider the company you keep…perhaps your Grandmother, taught you something that you wonder about…and that is exactly her smile…remember how her smile made you feel…remember the smile of a school girl coming out of the school house…remember the unexpected smile from a stranger…remember the smile of a lover in good times and even bad times…remember Judy Garland at her Carnegie Hall performance…”keep on smiling and the world will smile with you”…donot bury the smile for lack of inspiration…

  4. frodo441 – I’m sitting here smiling at your comment, having read it a few times over the last few days but only being able to clearly read what you are writing tonight. The two weeks leading upto and following my grandmothers death weighed heavy on my soul. You’ve picked that up quite nicely within what you’ve written.

    She (grandmother) did teach me to smile. She smiled all the time, every time she was surrounded by family.

    Thank you.

    Nice to meet you frodo!

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