At 09:10 Eastern Standard Time my Grandmother, Edith Keary, Died

Grammie and Me

Up until last Friday she had been living on her own. I miss her to pieces right now. We often joked about life, about love and about religion. She had a beautiful aura surrounding her everyday.

Oh, she could make me smile.

This is she and I in the photographs. They were taken by my mother in July of 2007. The one below I snapped on boxing day, 2007. She is so beautiful.

Grammie - RIP - December 25, 1904 to February 2, 2008

I remember being nine years old and staying overnight at her home. The next day we awoke and decided to go shopping. Grammie asked if I wanted to get my ears pierced. I said “Yes!”. We went together to the beauty salon and I winced as the esthetician stuck my first ear then the other, piercing them with little topaz gems embedded in gold studs. I was ecstatic.

I held my grandmothers hand last night while stroking her face and hair.

I love you Grammie.

Edith Keary – Age 93
Born – December 25, 1914
Died – February 02, 2008

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25 thoughts on “At 09:10 Eastern Standard Time my Grandmother, Edith Keary, Died”

  1. I’m sorry for your loss Jessica.

    I lost mine on May 8th, 1996 – there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss her. She had such an impact on my life.


  2. Oh Jessica, I’m so sorry for your loss. What a sweet commemorative post for your Grandma. I hope your soul is soothed by all your precious memories of her.

  3. Oh Jess Honey I am so sorry for your loss. I have been thinking of you all week an wondering how you were doing and how she was doing. Let me know when the viewing is and I will be there. My heart goes out to you and the family. The photos of you both are beautiful. I love you girl, take care and HUGS

  4. Thanks everyone for the condolences.

    The funeral is being held at the Cathedral in uptown Saint John at noon.
    Visiting at Brenans funeral home on Paradise Row from 2-4 and 7-9 on Monday.

    for her obituary:

    Click on Obituary then Edith Keary.


  5. I was compelled by the photographs and clicked over only to learn that they were being presented in memoriam. She seems to be someone who enjoyed living. (I perceive a bit of a devilish grin) My sincere condolences.

  6. Shannon’s karma just went down about 500 points. I wouldn’t worry about her negative sentiments. What goes around comes around.

    I care about your grandmother’s passing because I know what pain and loss feel like and wouldn’t wish it on anyone else for the world. I’m so sorry, I hope healing comes swiftly. Embrace the memories you have, with those she is with you always :-)

  7. jessica- i just read about this on etsy, i am so very sorry- i know this loss- i lost mine a few months ago- treasure all the wonderful memories, i can tell she shined a bright light, a light that will continue on in you!
    kim, necessaryindulgence

  8. Your grandmother is such a beautiful woman. The photos of her are so touching.

    I also send condolences about the nasty comment left here. Some people feel so numb in life that they must try to hurt others. This is the only way they can feel anything.

    I’m sending my good thoughts to you.

  9. Jessica, M so sorry for your loss… I lost my granny too a couple of years back.. n I do understand your loss… Loved yours and your grammies’ pix. Sweet memories will always remain with us. Cherish them. Tk cr.


  10. Sending love your way jessica – I just saw your post on Etsy…Etc is always there for times like this :)

  11. ah, your post touched my heart, how special to have had such a dear person in your life. I hope all the wonderful memories soothe your loss. Sending condolences.
    regards Corrine

  12. Slightly late but I wanted to add my condolences Jessica. The spirit of your post says to me you know how to take strength from the good things you shared rather than dwell on your loss. Stay well!

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