Artist Tip #11 – Why you should never put your art supplies away

Why you should never put your art supplies away

If you put them away they will not be there when you need them. What good are art supplies when they are shoved in drawers or packed in boxes in a room you’ll never go into to create in?

Leave them out, open and in an area where they are easy to access. If you don’t you will not create. You’ll become like everyone else who lost their inspiration a long time ago when they were told to clean up their mess.

And art supplies are not mess.

If someone in your household considers them to be a mess pack away their television, or library of books, game console and beauty products. A bit of reverse psychology never hurt anyone. In the place of the TV, place an easel. Replace the library with sketchbooks and journals. Where the game console was, line up your paintbrushes and paints. In lieu of the beauty products

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11 thoughts on “Artist Tip #11 – Why you should never put your art supplies away”

  1. can’t wait for the dry painting tip… I’m doing a dry painting project in school, and i dislike it at the moment, because I suck at it. >:|

  2. Ah… keep practicing Nyssa! You are probably better at it than you think. :) Try changing paint brushes perhaps. Switching to a smaller or larger one may do the trick.

  3. Just thinking of your tip… I know my supplies are all over the place… At least three different rooms in my apartment have my supplies all over them. As much as I like your suggestion, it seems to be asking to battle with anyone you happen to be living with. Thankfully for that I live alone.

  4. yupp… I agree with it and I have started it in practice… it has really helped…
    Thanks a lot… looking forward to pick up my paint brush after dinner…:)

  5. I’ve since migrated all my supplies to my 12 by 12 foot room Brian. It does cause a battle from my own experience with having lived with various people. I find though if you set up mainly in one area with minute amounts of supplies in other areas it bodes well with the other occupants.

    An art battle could be fun! think of the colorful mess that would ensue!

  6. I have a craft room that is always messy and there are supplies and misc. projects all over my house and I do feel more creative. I think I need this framed and on my wall for all to see

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