Artists Tip #12 – How to dry paint faster

For Nyssa who has been patiently waiting one week for this tip.

How to dry paint faster

When you needed it yesterday, use a hairdryer or LESS water.

I have tested this with watercolor and acrylic mediums on both paper and wood panel. If you don’t want your paint to dry to fast in fear of cracks especially in acrylic (although this has never happened to me), use a cooler setting on the blower. The chances of it cracking are rare.

With watercolor using this technique can prevent bleed lines in solid blocks of color. This will eliminate or reduce the chance of veins appearing in your sky or smooth complexion. Using less waterlogged brushes will aid the process along to.

You’ll find in mere seconds you can add that second coat of pretty pink paint.

Next Week’s Tip – Would you glue or tape it?

Last Week’s Tip

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10 thoughts on “Artists Tip #12 – How to dry paint faster”

  1. Range – When I was in college years ago I was tole painting for money. I needed a way to dry the paint faster while production line painting. I pulled my hairdryer out and voilá I could paint decorative wooden items in a third the time.

  2. wow, special dedication!!!

    I find that acrylic dries so fast anyways that you are usually trying to SLOW it down!! But there are things you can add to acrylic that will make it dry faster, without changing the chemical make-up, which is a problem sometimes. Handy tip for watercolour! I rather like the veins, though i’m sure at some point they would be undesirable.

    But, what about oil paints? Notorious for drying slowly, how do you speed that process?? I’ve heard of some modern paintings in museums that are so thick with oil paint that they have to be “reset” every so often because they slide off the canvas!!!

  3. Nyssa – I choose not to use oil paints as the fumes are bothersome to me. Wow, I had no idea that museums had to do that with modern paintings.

    I’ve framed some oil paintings at work that weren’t quite dry. Certainly takes more time and one must be extra careful not to squoosh any textures on the painting when nailing it all together within the frame/liner.

  4. how to accelerate the drying posses of acrylic paint on a canvas. i use masken tapes and it peels out.

  5. I made a canvas using acrylic thick coat -using knife and its been a week and the acrylic is still wet. What do i do…will it ever dry? I dont want to use a blower to crack the paint., any help will be appreciated,

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