Another land another day another dream

Sometimes art needs to take you away
to another land where flowers spin,
the terrain is checkered moss green and ocher;
where the grass grows as bamboo
and is pointy at it’s tip.

I created this art card using Kroma artist quality acrylic, pigmented ink and archival pen on 1/8″ (3mm) thick cold press illustration board. It is varnished three times and has a lovely sheen about it.

Get your rulers out as the image above is much larger than the original. It’s all about the detail baby!

Available in both open edition 5×7 inch size and in a limited edition run of 100 ONLY in ACEO mini print size in the art shop.

Standard ACEO Size – 2.5″ by 3.5 inches or 6.4cm by 9cm
ACEO – Art Cards Editions and Originals
People collect ACEO’s worldwide just like they do with Magic or Hockey trading cards. They are wallet sized and frames are easy to find for them.

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8 thoughts on “Another land another day another dream”

  1. Thank you Brain!

    Every time i type your name I type it Brain.

    haha then I go back and fix it.

    I am such a dyslexic typist. I will call you Brain, Brian from now on.


  2. Not for the first or last time, I think you should look up some of the flower prose of Thomas Ligotti. He writes very strange and sometimes gruesome stories, but the flowers are transcendently beautiful, more than humans can bear.

  3. raincoaster – I had a similar experience(s) when ingesting E long long ago. The world became so wondrously beautiful it was all I could do but open my eyes and stare… only to shut them and have it play ad nosium in mine mind.

    I will look him up. Thank you :)

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