Enokitake Mushrooms – Miniature Illustration

I drew this bunch of Enokitake Mushrooms using archival Micron pens and watercolored it using Windsor and Newton Watercolors. I used to cook with these Japanese mushrooms all the time while living in Vancouver. They were great added to stir fries or stews.

The paper is acid free 80lb Fox River Paper, confetti cover in Sand color. This ACEO has rounded corners. An ACEO stands for Art Cards, Editions or Originals.

The standard size of an ACEO is – 2.5″ by 3.5″ or 64mm by 89mm

This original ACEO card is available in my Etsy Art Shop. It is also available as a print.

UPDATE – the original drawing has sold. Archival prints are available in the shop.

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8 thoughts on “Enokitake Mushrooms – Miniature Illustration”

  1. Did you know everything you read could be real?….

    That’s a Fantastic line.

    Nice work…Loved the water color shades in the background.. but the mushrooms are ok. Tx for adding me to your Flickr stream. I am creating ‘Jessica Awareness’ here in India for you. I am doing the good job of sending your site and art links to my friends.

  2. Thank you Chief!

    Yes, this is a new way of illustrating i am testing out. So far so good.

    And your welcome with regards to Flickr.

    And thank you for liking my art and showing it to others. :)

  3. Hi!

    Have you decided to post only positive and good feedback on your site. You haven’t approved my earlier comment, “Why did u agree to clean toilets in the first place.”

    You are a highly skilled artist. And you shouldn’t have wasted your time cleaning toilets. Why didn’t you give it back to your employer ?

  4. Hay I am looking for a long lost nice of mine. If you are her call me or write me my brother Mike Doyle And I have been trying to locate Jessica Doyle help us out call me Jonathan Doyle@ (edited by Jessica Doyle to remove phone number) this is not a joke.

  5. The employer doesn’t accept it back. I’m done there now and moving on.

    Chief I do not only publish positive comments. I’ll publish the negative ones to no worries.

    I recently wrote a much needed comments policy which can be found here.

    I also am not in front of the computer 24/7 and as such cannot moderate comments immediately sometimes :)

    You are a highly skilled artist. And you shouldn’t have wasted your time cleaning toilets.

    Thank you that.

  6. Hi Jonathan

    I sent you an email with regards to your comment above and also edited your comment to remove your phone number.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.


  7. Hi, Jessica..I’ve been searching around wordpress looking for other artists who use the watercolor/ink combo, and here you are! I have to say I just love your work.

    Ink/watercolor – such a beautiful combination, isn’t it? Like stained-glass.
    And Micron pens are the best.


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