Now for the Positive and the Smiling Woman Portrait

It wasn’t all gloom and doom where I worked. There were times and days when things were good and not so bad. Here is a list of positively great things associated with where I was employed.

Smiling Woman

1. I paid one of my student debts totaling $3700 off in full in the six months I worked there.

2. I am in awesome physical shape from the physical labour. Only another $18,500 to go!

3. I worked with some great people; people who made me laugh; people who worked as hard as I did.

4. They gave me a part-time job when I needed one.

5. I was surrounded by art supplies!

6. Everyday I was inspired by art, prints, photos and oddities customer’s brought in to have framed.

7. I got to cut glass.

8. I learned to be efficient in the time frame I was given for varying tasks.

9. I got to use air powered tools!

10. I met and spoke with many local artists weekly.

11. They were understanding when things got rough for me while nearing the end of tapering off Paxil last November.

12. They gave me time off (unpaid) when my grandmother passed away.

13. They are marking me off as a good employee because I gave written notice.

14. If I ever want to work for them again I am always welcome to come back.

15. Finally, having this job gave me the confidence to know that I can work and do a good job at it.

For the next three weeks I’ll be working with my Dad and brother renovating a building they own. I’ve worked with them before and enjoy doing so. I’m a good worker and when able to have always given a hand. Women are just good at paying attention to the small details that men may miss. Now don’t go attacking me for saying that but I know my Dad and brother and you don’t. They do fabulous restoration work. I’m so excited. This building is near 100 years old.

So, if you know of any part-time work email me or leave a comment on this post. I am open to all types of work. The summer is coming and I’ll be planting and maintaining a huge vegetable garden again. That in itself is backbreaking work. A part-time office or contract work at home gig would be grand.

And to clarify why I choose part-time over full-time work. I need time to write, draw and paint. Without doing those three things I do and have become very sick. I stay healthy this way which is better for me and also great for the people who employ me.

The smiling woman semi self portrait will be available in my art shop later today. She is looking a little magenta though. I must rescan her.

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6 thoughts on “Now for the Positive and the Smiling Woman Portrait”

  1. Yay renovating! I need to build up some money so that I can finish my kitchen. I’ll keep my eyes open for you job wise.

  2. Renovating is fun! With your new job you’ll have the money saved in no time Brian!

    Thank you about keeping your eyes peeled about a job for me :)

  3. All the BEST!!!

    Even here, I am getting in touch with more and more financers to get the project rolling!

    We need close to 200,000,000.00 INR = 4,977,600.80 USD and I am sure that within this year we shall do it!!!

    Wish you all the best for YOUR future as well!



  4. If I had that kind of money Rahul

    Maybe you can send your financers my way. Tell them I need 18,000. I’ll ship them Priority Post every piece of art for sale in my art shop.

    I am serious.

    Thank you.

  5. The talks are on.

    There is a typically Indian thing called Profit-Sharing-Financing. I am totally into/for it AND I am getting some response as well. In that scheme, the financing person/entity examines the project and gives the money.

    They take 60-90% of the income/Profit.

    NOW, the sweet part. If it fails, we are NOT liable to repay…

    If the deal works out, I am sure, I shall be the one to transfer your Art Shop to my house/home/whatever!!!

    Smile in hope!


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