It was brown. It stunk. And it hurt.


I began feeling noxious around 3PM yesterday. I began throwing up around 4PM. Around 6PM I peed out my ass. Whatever hit me has since left me quite violently over the last 24 hours. The fever started around midnight last night. It broke sometime this morning.

I’m weak. I am tired. I managed to eat some chicken soup and jello today and keep it down.

Vomiting is not fun unless you are on mushrooms.

A long long time ago I ate some psychedelic mushrooms. I then ate some cherries. I then puked red and fusia kaleidoscopic swirling entities into the toilet where I heaved as much as I laughed and was mesmerized that such beautiful red hued colors could come up and out of my stomach hence beginning to dance themselves into fractals within the crystal clear water of the toilet.

Last night was not like that. It was brown. It stunk. And it hurt.

Image credit – “I Did Not Know” by Jessica Doyle, available in her Etsy Art Shop.

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4 thoughts on “It was brown. It stunk. And it hurt.”

  1. Chief – ha! That has got to be the most oddly fabulous compliment I have ever received,

    brilliant… u are stunningly gross!!!!

    Made me laugh!

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