Cool Hand Painted Art Beads

Art Beads

A selection of the most recent *OOAK Art Beads that I have painted with India ink and acrylic. They are each varnished three times for durability. The small blue one in the foreground measures 5/8″ or 15mm.

This post from earlier this month featured a close up of one of these beads.

*OOAK – one of a kind

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9 thoughts on “Cool Hand Painted Art Beads”

  1. Hi tina

    I use them to make necklaces with. I am selling the actual beads in my Etsy shop. The shipping is atrocious though for one or two beads. $10 then another $5 to $15 per bead dependent on size of course. I wish i could reduce the shipping cost but they exceed the max depth requirement to ship at the envelope rate even though they are as light as an envelope i must ship them at the small parcel rate.

    I am thinking of selling them in lots of 10 to 15 beads. The shipping price would still be $10 working out to a dollar per bead or less rather than $10 per bead as it currently stands.

    They can be used for necklaces, cell phone charms or simple place them on your window sill as mini art pieces.

    thanks for asking Tina :)

  2. My eyes cross sometimes when painting these beads Brian. Steady hands. Yes, I do in fact have steady hands. Now if I could earn a decent living with these steady hands I have it made. Maybe I should have been a decorative surgeon decorating people’s insides.

    Maybe a tattoo artist. hmmmm. ideas!

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