If I was Elected Mayor

When I am elected mayor of Saint John, New Brunswick…

I will triple public transportation.

I will double the tax the Irving Corporation’s pay to the city for polluting it.

I will force fines and public cleanup on people who think it cool to camp out and swim in our drinking water on the East Side of the city. I admit I went once about 7 years ago and left flabbergasted at the destruction and garbage, broken glass and trees I saw surrounding that fresh water lake.

I will introduce a blue box program and educate the public on how to properly use it.

I will open up zoning in more populated residential areas to ensure people could operate home based businesses of all kinds to reclaim the wealth lost when the malls came in the seventies. I will urge grocers at a local level to open up shop there within walking distance in these forgotten neighborhoods.

I will increase funding to the arts community at a grass roots level employing city artists to decorate this grey city with sculpture, wall paintings, metal and music. Free Public art to appease the needs of the decaying malnourished populace.

I will make our streets safe by promoting daily community night walks.

I will allot public green spaces in every community for growing organic food targeting the poorest neighborhoods and offer them the education to know how to sustain it.

I will push for federal and provincial funding to help the addicted of this city. There is nothing here to help you if you are addicted to anything other than alcohol or gambling. I will increase finding to help the mentally ill on all levels. Resources and treatment programs are almost non existent here.

I will pass a law that no more fast food joints can open in this city.

I will fight to have minimum wage raised to $10 per hour.

I will continue uptown waterfront development.

I will work with industry making sure federal environmental laws are being met or exceeded.

I will continue to improve the city‘s old infrastructure saving, repairing or replacing the irreparable.

You know, we all want the same things; happiness.
We must think about us and not just me, me, me.

There is a municipal election in this city on May 12th, 2008. Sadly, I don’t fully believe in any of the candidates.

What would you do?
Would you vote?

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2 thoughts on “If I was Elected Mayor”

  1. If you don’t like any of the candidates, run for council next time. It will be in another 4 years. Looked at some of the links in there too, scary about Court coming in as mayor. I know him, and don’t trust him at all.

    The only thing I can do is vote the way I feel is right and hope for the best. and if worst come to worst make my view know at common council meetings.

  2. Court taught at my high school in the late eighties and early nineties while I was in attendance there. I don’t believe I had him for not one subject. So I can’t say I know him in that respect.

    Maybe we should go to a common council meeting rather than a movie! :) or do both and draw afterwards. Haha!

    One of the men running I know personally. He’s an unknown in the race. The youngest one at age 30. He’s an interesting character but has a decent business mind.

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