Chickens with ONE leg holding their eggs…

Chickens with one leg
holding their eggs
perched on their nests
they tweet.

I love drawing with children in mind. This miniature measures 3 by 3 inches or 75mm by 75mm. I drew it with india ink, painted it with watercolor and finished it with lightfast colored pencil on heavy hot press watercolor paper.

While in my final year of college in Fredericton I spent six month’s independently studying and creating children’s illustration. Was one of my favorite times. I actually made the dean’s list upon graduating in 1996 and pursued graphic design for the next 10 years only illustrating when it was part of the job and when I had precious time.

I’ve been digging out much of my research and rough sketches for inspiration since moving back to Saint John. This chicken children’s illustration is newly created and oddly enough, not derived from a past endeavor.

Where did these one legged chickens come from then?

I wonder if the little dude found them?

You can find them in my art shop.


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2 thoughts on “Chickens with ONE leg holding their eggs…”

  1. lol, when i saw the title of your post, i just had to take a look! Kids would love these! Check out my blog if you like, there’s a post about making books for kids overseas, i’m thinking mr. chicken and his buddies will be a big hit!

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