I’ve Aquired a DOTcom

I am now the proud owner of http://jessicadoyle.com.

Go ahead and click it. It’s fun.
Click,Click, CLICK!

Back in 2004 I registered the domain name of http://jessicadoyle.CA thinking it sounded and read more eloquently than jessicadoyle.COM. It also told what country I resided in. To own a DOTca one must reside in Canada. So, I didn’t blink an eye at not registering the DOTcom.

A couple of years later, I realized I needed, no wanted the DOTcom because there are a lot of Jessica Doyle’s in the world. Wow. And many of us are artists practicing our craft using various mediums.

Let me tell you navigating Enom.com is no easy task. And bidding and waiting in anticipation to see if you win the auction is enough to cause a major anxiety attack. For the first two days I was the only bidder. Then there were two. I held fast chewing my cheeks. That second bidder which perhaps was a ploy to get me to up my bid disappeared on the final day of the auction.

I won that auction back in February. Yes, I’ve owned the DOTcom for 3 months. It now redirects here to this blog along with the DOTca.

I discovered quite by accident that JessicaDoyle.com was heading for the chopping block back in December during some random Google searches. I thought about pre-registering with GoDaddy.com to try to get it during the drop then realized that was a money grab on their part (how dirty of them) and quickly turned my attention to the Whois info. I read everything I could and asked for advice from a few online friends and my research and diligence paid off.

I have future plans for the DOTcom. At the moment it will point here until I am able to proceed with those plans. I’m just happy to have finally figured out how to get the blasted sponsored insurance ads off of it and point it to here to it’s rightful home.


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  1. You’re staking your claim in the online wilderness! Beating back the insurance savages and creating a home. Yay You!

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