Milton the Fish

He’s cute eh!

I created prints of Milton. They look identical to the original and are available in three different sizes for in my shop. He’s one of my best sellers!

Milton the Fish

I took a chance and submitted Milton to a flick group called Cutable. This was the first creation I submitted to that group. He made the front page of the Cutable Blog the following morning.

This original was drawn with india ink, lightfast colored pencil and painted with Windsor and Newton Watercolor on Cold press arches watercolor paper.

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12 thoughts on “Milton the Fish”

  1. I know you used India ink on this piece, but I was wondering what kind of Pilot Pens you use (gel, ball, etc)? Also, where do you buy them. I love the ink, watercolour, and coloured pencils together. They compliment each other so well. Thank you.

  2. Thanks hfedd

    They are called Pilot G-tec C4 pens. They are not available in the USA. Canada, the UK and Japan carry them.

    They are pretty cool. They are water soluable to an extent but create such an awesome fine line. After you draw try some water over the drawn line… creates a a soft watercolour effect. And if you don’t have water… try this…

    Here is a google link to help you out.

    I live in Canada and can buy them at my local Staples.

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