Sexy Red Toes or Wiggle Those Toes!

Original ink drawing painted with watercolor. I added the beige sand colored background digitally using photoshop.

The weather is warming although the evenings are still dipping down into the single digits. Last night it went down to 4˚C. Not to Spring like at all.

This image is available as an archival print in my shop.


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9 thoughts on “Sexy Red Toes or Wiggle Those Toes!”

  1. Wow..This is uniqe and love the color option,

    I just open my blog and get my self interested to visit your blog. I made a doodle last week, and the style I found was really different from the style I usually kind have a similarity with this (I think) , of course mine is not good as yours..:) but I enjoy the spontaneous with this style.
    You could visit the picture in my new blog to see if you want….

    Nice to meet you..:) great site..I will visit often

  2. I like this indeed – while looking at you picture that portray the foots I recognize the faces that looks at me. What a metamorphosis! Thank you for the awakening.

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