Do You Love Me?

Do you love me?

She says "Do you love me?" as she grabs his curled foot…

Wow I illustrated this 7 years ago! It is also one of the few illustrations that bear my married name as I am divorced now. It is signed with a tiny tiny "JB 2001" down on the bottom right rather than a "JD 2001". How about that?

I created this original using watercolor, colored pencil and technical pens.

The original measures 12" by 12" or 30,4cm by 30,4cm

I have been gearing up to begin illustrating large again by drawing many small miniatures. I hope to carry their personality into much larger compositions such as this one in the near future.

8×8 inch Prints are available of this image in my shop.


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15 thoughts on “Do You Love Me?”

  1. This is by far one of the best pieces you’ve shared. It’s right up there with “In Search Of”. There are so many thoughts and feelings invoved in these two pieces, which is a great foundation for art. Technically they are both amazing, out of the realm of quirky figures and into the realm of serious art (I hope that doesn’t offend you, it’s not meant to. I also have levels of art and can enjoy the lighter ones but appreciate the more complex pieces for longer periods of time and on deeper levels). Thanks for sharing this one. I don’t know if it’s difficult to relive things from the past or not, but it’s our gain nontheless.

  2. I had to send a comment to let you know how much I just love your artwork. I am generally what’s known in the blogging world as a foodie, my blog is a little about my life, the food I make for my family and the things that make me happy. I was checking out Etsy this morning and saw your “Squeeze” way down in the corner, and something made me click on it and there was all your beautiful artwork. I was just blown away and wanted to let you know, cause sometimes people just need to hear what some people think but never seem to say or write, so I’m letting you know…..your artwork makes me happy, it makes me smile and that’s always a very good thing isnt’ it? I bookmarked this site and will be checking back often.

  3. I love you! I think you’ll move into bigger pieces when you’re ready – it’s stating the obvious to an artist but it’s pointless to try to force something into a form. These things always come out the way *they* want rather than the way *we* want.

  4. Lisa – Nice to meet you. A foodie? Cool. I guess that would make me a artie? Perhaps? Thanks for coming by and letting me know what you think of my artwork. Honestly it means a lot.

  5. Mr. Angry – Your words of Wisdom never cease to amaze me. I love you to dude. I haven’t been by much… as I’ve been creating much offline (then uploading to online) these days. I love it though. It makes me happy, keeps me sane and is beginning to pay the bills.

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