Are you great at CSS for WordPress?

What I want.

  • 3 columns using the Tarski theme currently activated on this blog with either column on each side of the main posts
  • The ability to delete the custom header image if I want
  • The custom header image size increased to the width of the new design
  • Comments to appear immediately after the post rather than at the bottom of the blog
  • Tags hidden from each post with only categories showing
  • The main body where posts are needs to remain 500px wide
  • An HTML version of the Etsy mini so that I can insert items I have for sale in my shop into my sidebar. The current Etsy mini is only available in Flash or Javascript and allows neither.

If you can do this please leave a comment on this post and I will email you or you can directly email me at: eastvanesica (@)

What I’ll Do

I will trade art prints for custom CSS to update the look and feel of my blog. I will mail the print(s) directly to you wherever you live in the world. You can see the art prints in my shop. We can discuss the cost of barter privately via email. :)

Comments on this post will close once I reach an agreement with a CSS designer.

Thank you.

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3 thoughts on “Are you great at CSS for WordPress?”

  1. tarski’s markup isn’t great. what you’re asking for is feasible with a theme with good markup (like, say, sandbox), but that requires basically porting tarski onto the sandbox skeleton. sadly, the self-hosted version of tarski would do what you need, but the optionable version of the theme isn’t available on

    sadly, this is just a pointer – i don’t have the time to take this on ATM, i’m in the middle of moving cross-country.

  2. Hmmm… thanks for the info. Perhaps I should consider switching to Sandbox and have a theme designed around it with a Tarski feel. More to think about.

    Good luck with your move cross country! :):):)

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