Mushrooms (Pastel Edition)

Mushrooms (Pastel Edition)

This is a set of four 5×7 mushroom illustrations I drew with Micron 005 nib pen and later added the backgrounds digitally in Photoshop. These little guys made the front page of Etsy along with their darker cousins the Earth Edition.

The Pastel Edition is available in the shops.

Both 5×7 inch sets are available in mini print format to.

Thank you.

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6 thoughts on “Mushrooms (Pastel Edition)”

  1. I think I like the darker cousins better… but that is just me and my love of earth tones. The detail on the one on bottom right is impressive.

  2. wagonized – Thank you. I went through a phase where I all i drew were imaginary mushrooms while living out West in Vancouver. I think I was in awe with Chinatown at the time. :)

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