NEW art supplies and finishing what you started

NEW art supplies! YAY!

I ordered these art supplies from DickBlick a few weeks ago and they arrived early last week. I feel like a kid again. I love mail order.

Sadly I would buy all these things locally but they are non-existent here. Square unlined artist quality journals never. Faber Castell Pitt Artist pens… nope. And finally itty bitty stretched canvass you won’t find in Saint John New Brunswick except at Jessica Doyle’s house!

Painting Progress

I can finish these three paintings I began. It sucks when you run out of an art supply and it’s not available anywhere close to where you live. I use a combination of India Ink and acrylic on board and Canvass. Over time and through trial and error I’ve developed a way to seal the india ink with varnish without it running. Faber Castell Pens contain India ink FYI.

Naked Milton the Fish above lower right has since been watercolored and has become one of my best selling ACEO mini prints. He’s now available as a VERY limited edition 11×8.5 inch print. The boxes are also done and listed.

I am looking forward to putting pen to board to finish these three paintings. And guess what they are larger than an ACEO! :)

And thanks to Shane Vorhaben for introducing these pens to me. I am addicted.

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19 thoughts on “NEW art supplies and finishing what you started”

  1. I too am waiting for my order, from Opus (your old stomping grounds). I love getting new art supplies. Feeds my ideas, even if they don’t make it into the physical world.

    I was wondering about your prints. Do you scan them on a scanner at home, at a photocopy centre, or photograph them? I have had mine scanned but can’t seem to get the colour right. It’s posing quite the puzzle I must admit. I even tried photoshop, wow is that program ever a monster to try and learn. I haven’t even joined the rest of the kids in the kindergarten class (reference to level, or lack thereof, of my understanding of the program).

    Love the work in progress on the table. Red and Green, mmm such a nice combo. Only nature could invent such a tasty treat for our eyes!


  2. You lucky lucky ducky on the new art supplies!! I was in Ontario a few weekends ago and it was such a short trip that I wasn’t able to get into the local art store and I was sooooo disappointed!!

    Yay for online shopping! I’ll probably have a watercolour instruction book, and an acrylic painting book in the mailbox today, at least I hope so, thanks for Chapters and Amazon. Feels like Christmas huh?! :-)

  3. Hi Jessica!

    I knew before I read the text that this lot came from Blick. I’m lucky enough to have one local to me. I too am a big, big fan of the Pitt markers. Have you tried the brush pens yet? Fab-u-lous!

    I have not yet tried the Fabriano Journals, but I have tried the Hand*Books. I do not care for them. (I reviewed them here –

    I just got a Utrecht catalog the other day, and I saw that Canson has a square book: 8×8 and 10×10

    I haven’t checked to see if Blick has them. I use the Canson Universal books, but haven’t tried these field books. i have one of their All- Media books and don’t really like it…..

  4. HI,

    Love these three paintings and I think I will need to buy a set of prints of them for my sister’s birthday, or for myself. Can I get a set of them in the red when you finish them? I like the Limited edition Milton but these are so bold and sublime so far.

    Do you use DickBlick a lot? I was thinking of ordering from them but their site is so oppressively cluttered that I thought it might be less then reputable? Have you had good experiences so far?

  5. hfedd – I’ve been using photoshop since 1993 when it was something like Photoshop. LOL! I’ve had lots of practice and training both in school and on the job. As far as scanning goes you need to calibrate your monitor to printer and make sure your image is CMYK not RGB. All I can say it get yourself an Adobe training book specific to the version of photoshop you have. They are the best IMO.

    Thanks about the paintings… I’ve worked on them a little… much more to go though.

  6. biffybeans – The fabriano jounals rock! I owned and filled to the brim a rectangular one from about two years ago while i lived in Vancouver. It has to this day not lost a page. The pages are all very very light natural shades of grey, white, beige and taupe with a slight texture for added bite. I used ink on them and it was nice.

    I read your review of the handbook journal… I’ll let you know how mine wears. Thanks for the for-warning.

    This is the first time I purchased from DickBlick completely out of necessity. And i don’t get free shipping. This cost me $21 to have shipped to me without insurance or tracking because they don’t offer it to international buyers. They did say to contact them in case it didn’t arrive. But it did :)

    I’m off to check out your utrectart link as I LOVE Canson paper!

  7. Andrew – I can’t give a date when these paintings will be finished. I’m hoping very soon now that I have my supplies. You can always buy the originals hint hint.

    And yes, I can create prints of the 3 originals. The prints will more than likely measure 8×8 inches with a white border surrounding them.

    I can email you if you when I have the paintings complete and if you like them proceed with creating prints for you. :)

    copied from my response above…

    This is the first time I purchased from DickBlick completely out of necessity. And i don’t get free shipping. This cost me $21 to have shipped to me without insurance or tracking because they don’t offer it to international buyers. They did say to contact them in case it didn’t arrive. But it did :)

    And to add to that… I LOVE their site and their prices. Even with the shipping it’s cheaper than buying similar products locally.

  8. Alicia – so true. Santa has been coming a lot lately. I’ve been ordering lots of supplies not just art supplies but packaging supplies etc.

    I’m getting ready for my first local art sale this July… I haven’t said anything up ’til now. Maybe it’s time to let the secret out later this week.

    Nice to meet you.

  9. Doh, I meant to get hold of you about ordering… Well next time you plan to make an order give me a yell. Though I do have a few of those itty bitty stretched canvas’s too. :)

  10. Jessica

    I would love to buy the originals, but we will have to see what my finances look like when you finish them. Perhaps one original, but then I will want to have the whole set. Hmm… dilemma dilemma =)

    Definitely contact me when you are done though and we will see what we can work out. I assume you can get my e-mail from this post, but perhaps not. If not just post a comment to that affect and I will send it to you.


  11. AndrewS – hey I was just joking about buying the originals. I’ll email you though when they are complete and I can offer a print of each. No problem at all.

    I do have your email from your comments. So I’ll use that.


    I know all about tight financing… I’m hoping come fall I’ll be a little better off.

  12. I got them at dickblick Lorrie. They will ship worldwide. They are located in the US. Sadly I haven’t painted on those itsy bitsy canvases yet…

    …soon :)

  13. Happy Friday Jess! Hoping the crappy weather will give way to sunshine for the next week,as I am on vacation! Love your work! Just wanted to say hi and have a great day / weekend!


  14. Steve – It’s foggy here again! Haha! Hope you are enjoying your vacation and that it’s sunny happy one!

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