Sassy Sea Urchin – Illustration

I drew this drawing using a Micron 005 nib pen and later digitally colored it in Adobe Photoshop.

The Sassy Sea Urchin is listed in the shop. You can see the Sassy’s brother and the original ink drawings here.

Sassy Sea Urchin art created by illustrator Jessica Doyle

Beachy Beachy Beach!

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16 thoughts on “Sassy Sea Urchin – Illustration”

  1. Hi Jessica, Wow that is really neat. I like how the shading makes it look round. I know you did this with Photoshop, but I also looked at some of your other pieces too. Can I ask where you get the white pilot pens? I can only get the coloured ones here through Staples, or order them through Opus (neither have the white ones :( ).

  2. Thanks T – I got the white one from JetPens. It’s a gelly roll pen. You can probably find other brands of gelly rolls at your local art store. My local art didn’t have any so I found JetPens :)

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