It’s Tuesday – Time for Another ART Giveaway!

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I’ll be drawing the winner and contacting them tonight.

This week I am giving away…
Mother Goose is Loose Creating Fairytales Everywhere!

Mother Goos Is Loose...

Last time I gave away a Four Seasons Print.

The rules are simple

Leave your name, blog address (if you have one), and email (which I will not share) and comment on this post once only please. Next Tuesday I will randomly draw one name from the comments and mail you Mother Goose is Loose.

About Mother Goose is Loose

This print that I am giving away is a second. I had been wondering what to do with the beautiful reproductions that print out crooked, are a tad to bright or too dark, or I goofed up on cutting to small. Needless to say they exist in my studio. And I don’t believe in throwing them away. There is nothing wrong with these prints, except that they are seconds and don’t meet the standard I have in place for retailing at the regular price. Just as a potter has seconds so to does an artist. In the Fall I’ll be listing seconds for sale in my shop. Keep an eye out for those listings.

The print you will receive measures 7 3/8 by 7 3/8 inches rather than the 8×8 inch version I sell. The printed image size is 7×7 inches (same as the one I sell) and the color quality is identical. I will sign and date the back of this print and mark it as a second. Sooooo….

What if I WIN? :)

On that note, if you win I will contact you by the secret email you left here. I will need you to email me back with your accurate physical mailing address that will never be shared. I will ship worldwide for free! I’ll announce the winner publicly next Monday. Comments will close Monday, June 30, 2008 at 12:00AM AST.

… and What if I Don’t Win? :(

And if you don’t win the print, it is available for purchase in my Art shop.

Thank you!

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28 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday – Time for Another ART Giveaway!”

  1. They say that the third time is the charm. Let’s hope so!!!

    Thanks for doing these giveaways Jess. I think the lucky people that win are very grateful for your generosity.


  2. Mother Goose is on the loose
    Creating fairytales everywhere!
    She flies all around the countryside
    Like she hasn’t got a care.
    Putting dreams in the heads
    Of little ones as they sleep
    Of princesses and flowers,
    Cats that fiddle, and wooly sheep.

  3. I just came across your artwork and blog on Etsy and I just love it. Cool that I found it in time to be entered for a free giveaway, huh?

  4. hiya jess!

    i’m just catching up on your blog and it’s so incredibly fantastic that you’re doing so incredibly fantastically! 😉 vancouver misses you, but st.john is lucky to have you around.

    your artwork is as beautiful and quirky as ever. keep up the great work!!

  5. Count me in! Just purchased the trees and can’t wait to see how they looked framed.

    This mother goose is too cool, you do beautiful work.


  6. Hey Jessica,

    I really love your new prints! I’m so excited “Floating Matilda” is now a print. Its on my list!



  7. Jessica.. I came across your art on Cricket’s blog.. she featured you and then today me.. isn’t she sweet? I love her scarves and now I love your artwork as well! I am an artist on etsy and I sent my blog and hope you will visit as I am a new blogger and love the company. My work on etsy is printed glass negatives. My daughter is a pen and ink artist on etsy and she loves your work and has pointed it out before… here is her site if interested…
    my etsy site is
    my favorite illustration is the GRowing Beautiful in the GArden, it reminds me of the cactus that I had in my lush Santa cruz garden.. I live in Sedona now with my teen artist girl and have rocks for a back yard.. and some plants… but gardening was my true joy in California and those are such a beautiful representation of cactus I absolutely love them!! I have favorited you and will put you in my weekly treasury soon… thanks for your vision!!
    Marianne and Rita

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