Day Dreams

Deep guttural industrial clanks and crashes escape the fog of night traveling upwards into the residential neighborhood where I reside, from the shipyard, refinery and paper mill lining the coast.

Day Dreams

The fog is thick.

It is near impossible to see across the street at night. The only light that pierces is those yellow and orange ones that dot the city streets. Many years ago the city of Saint John adopted a new orange hued lighting system on it’s main thoroughfares as white street lights didn’t cut it in one of the foggiest cities on earth. Never drive here with your high beams on in the fog for you will be blind.

I have yet to decide if 57 days of rain in the Winter or 57 days of fog in the Summer is worse. Rain in Vancouver or fog in Saint John. Saint John has sunny Winters but it can have foggy cold Summers. All one has do is drive 20 minutes in any direction away from Saint John and you’ll most likely be met with gorgeous blue skies. And to narrow that drive down drive anywhere outside of the East Side of Saint John and be met with glorious sunshine.

We had one sunny day last week. Other than that one blissful day it has been down right cold, raining and miserable. And I was sick on that day. Dammit!

Funny thing with fog is that only deep noise penetrates it. A baritone’s voice would do well in such conditions while a soprano not so good.

The foghorn was invented here. A man named Robert Foulis happened to be walking one very foggy night in the 1800’s and heard piano keys tapping. He soon realized that only the deep keys traversed the fog while the higher notes were inaudible. And so the story goes that lighthouses soon after had a foghorn installed within. Funny that Wikipedia doesn’t mention the piano keys. Maybe it’s just locally known or an urban myth we were taught in elementary school.

Lucky me.

It’s a good to day to dream in Photoshop.

Day Dreams - original ink drawing

Above is the original ink drawing before I played with it in photoshop. The original sold back in March 2008 and belongs to an art collector in the United States.

Archival prints of Day Dreams are available in the art shop.

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10 thoughts on “Day Dreams”

  1. I love both versions of this work… I’m not sure why but it reminds me of mobiles that get hung above baby cribs.

  2. Thanks Brian… yes I suppose it does now that I look at it. It would be pretty to see when one was a baby laying in the crib day dreaming away…

  3. I LOVE your artwork! I stumbled upon your website one day while looking up artwork…I’ve been coming here for awhile, but this is my first comment (you may have noticed :) Anyway, I was wondering what version of Photoshop you use…You’ve inspired me to try my hand at this kind of artwork. Thanks! And good luck with your new venture!

  4. this is one of my fav pieces you have ever done beside the one i won! hee hee, i am still stocked about that 😀 i’ll go check your twitter page after this stop.

    the weather there sounds so odd! we have nothing but harsh sun and accational rain, almost never rain. but fall & winter are filled with grey skys, rain, & sometimes fog. and i LUV it! i luv the rain, the night. i guess because the heat makes me so sick i hate to be reminded of it unless the darkness carries on too long, after a couple of months i’m ready for just a little sun for a couple of days 😀

  5. The weather is usually quite beautiful here in Saint John in both August and September and thus far that is holding true as it’s been sunny and mild most days. It won’t be long before the leaves fall to the ground and snow falls here. I’m secretly hoping it waits until January.

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