And the Winner is… and in Other News…

So after unsuccessfully contacting the first name drawn I did get through to the second name I drew.

Congratulations to Range of Canada from Memoirs on a Rainy Day. He won the Mother Goose is Loose Print. I’ll be mailing it off to you tomorrow. Hope you like it. Thank you everyone for entering.

In other news another contest on another blog. RavenX of Dirty Pretty Things to Ponder asked if I would do an interview with her. I said yes. As part of the interview I am giving away a print of Sexy Red Toes.

You can enter here to win.


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3 thoughts on “And the Winner is… and in Other News…”

  1. It appears that your Etsy sales have increased. Am I right? I think the interview with RavenX will also helps with sales. I have an artist friend who tracks which prints sell the most. I don’t know if he does this so he can create more pieces using the same colours, or imagery, or what, but it definintely helps him. Do you do the same or do you have another method?

    Congrats on breaking 100 sales and keep on keepin’ on.


  2. Yes, my Etsy sales have increased. This is good. It makes me happy and closer to my goal of sustaining myself through art creation. I do some of the same tracking that your friend does. First though, before that I do what I love and if it happens to fit with the times then so be it.

    …and I am tracking down software to aid in figuring out my stats on Etsy as Etsy provides none save for a few .csv files for download.

    What is your friends sales site/blog?

    Thank you for the congrats hfedd! :)

  3. He can be found at He hasn’t updated his website in four years, which I enjoyed giving him a hard time about recently. He sells his cards in various shops and galleries in the northwest here (BC). Most of his work with galleries are his installations. He even had an exhibit in Japan last year.

    Another art friend of mine is doing her masters at UVIC. Her site is She sent me photos of two of her latest pieces (not on the site), which are just amazing.


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