POST #500 and to Celebrate I’m Giving Away 3 Print Packs

Comment are now closed on this post. I will be drawing three names tonight and contacting the winners shortly thereafter. Thank you to everyone who entered and left such wonderful comments.

I made it to 500 posts! It all began here on March 5, 2006 as a way to recover from addiction and anxiety. I’ve come a long way.

To celebrate, this week I am giving away 3 prizes. Each print name links to another part of my blog where the original artwork first appeared. Have fun traveling back in time. Last time I gave away a Mother Goose is Loose Creating Fairytales Everywhere!

1st Prize – 3 Prints

Birds on Wires (8×8), The Indigo Sisters (7×5) and Pollinate with a Bug (ACEO mini)
Prize 1 - Birds on Wires, The Indigo Sisters and Pollinate with a Bug

2nd Prize – 2 Prints

Lopsided Pearls (8×10) and Family from the Mushrooms Series (5×7)
Prize 2 - Lopsided Pearls & Family

3rd Prize – 1 Print

Hope (5×7)
Prize 3 - Hope

The rules are simple

Go to my Etsy shop and pick out your favorite piece of artwork and comment on it here. Leave your name, blog address (if you have one), and email (which I will not share) with your comment. Pleas enter only once.

About the Prints

Each print will be signed, dated and titled by me on the back in pencil. Each will arrive with a dated certificate of authenticity accept for the mini print in Prize one.

What if I WIN? :)

On that note, if you win I will contact you by the secret email you left here. Next Monday; July 28, 2008 at midnight AST I will randomly draw three names from the comments and mail you your print pack to wherever you live in this beautiful world. I will need you to email me back with your accurate physical mailing address that will never be shared within 48 hours of receiving the winning email notification or I will draw another name. I’ll announce the winners publicly as soon as I have all three confirmed. Comments will close Monday, June 30, 2008 at 12:00AM AST.

… and What if I Don’t Win? :(

And if you don’t win, each print is available for purchase in my Art shop.

Thank you and Good Luck!!

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46 thoughts on “POST #500 and to Celebrate I’m Giving Away 3 Print Packs”

  1. Jessica it is so hard to choose a favourite when it comes to your artwork! I love your design, color and the subjects are sooo interesting. I always look forward to see what you’ll come up with next!
    your friend in flickr,

  2. First, I want to commend you on your tenacity. I don’t know if many people understand the forced realization that is writing. The pen is mightier than the sword and it is that very might that pushes the pen as well as the person beyond our threshold at times; writing is not an easy task.

    Your art-you already know I’m a fan I can look at the same piece again and again and it evolves right along with the tone of my emotions…so that being said, the one constant in my current whirlwind life is my calling as a devout mom…i chose this one:

  3. Congratulations on 500 posts! Oh, which to choose as a favorite piece? Hard to choose, but What Does the Hand Mean remains my top pick. Everytime I look at it I see something new and curious, it keeps drawing me.

  4. Since you are giving away three prizes I thought I would give you my three top picks.

    1) Enokitake Mushrooms (These were one of the first things I saw of yours last year when I came across your flickr site)

    2) Grace (I love your large acrylic paintings)

    3) George (Because sometimes I think I am a pretty fish too)

    I enjoyed your Etsy shop again. It’s good to see so many options for your customers. I think this contest is another great way to generate marketing data. Congrats on 500!!


  5. I think all your work is amazing but if I had to pick “Day Dreams” speaks to me today. Although ” four seasons” and ” Do you Love Me” are close. I find your blog inspiring.

  6. Congrats! Your work is beautiful and inspiring. And I love reading about your full time venture into supporting yourself through your artwork. Our stories are similar in some respects, and it’s nice to see how your’s is progressing.

    I especially love “Day Dreams”, the colors are excellent and even just your signature on this piece is spectacular.


  7. Hi Jessica, I’m partial to “SUNdried”–the colors and feeling of movement are great. It’s hard to choose a favorite though, I also love “Amelia” and “The Indigo Sisters.”


  8. Jessica,
    I love your style and all your pieces! My favourite is Harmony- i like the round shapes, the shadow shading on the edges, and most of all the colours!! Thanks :)

  9. My favorite would have to be the Daisy set of 3….I love the colours that you have used…and of course Brain Drain…as this is my very first Jessica orginal!!!!!

  10. I think you know which one I like the best, though looking through the new prints you have up “Grace” (8×8 Print) is great. Your ACEO original “Harmony” is also really nice.

  11. Without a doubt, my favourite art pieces are the Tree prints! I’ve always wondered though, are they Vancouver trees, or Saint John trees? Please enter me for your draw!

  12. Enokitake Mushrooms…I really enjoy this group of mushrooms…..they are as I imagine them when encountering them in the forest….full of character…Great work…I imagine your personality showing through all your works…thank you for your sense of humour and of life!…never stop drawing!

  13. I live by the ocean (the cold ocean, though) and just love the coral fingers print. All your stuff reminds me of the sea with its beautiful organic, fluid shapes…

  14. You have come so far! That is so awesome! I love all your stuff really so it was hard to choose a favorite! They all speak to in a different way! But if you twist my arm- I would have to say Sunflowering Times since I love sunflowers and the colors are just gorgeous!

  15. Congratulations on 500 posts!

    I love so much of your work that it’s hard to choose, but I think My Turn To Bloom is my favourite.

  16. My favorite piece although they are all so lovely would have to be Emily the Fish. I am glad to be sharing my name with such a gorgeous piece of art! I love the design and the color is great. Once I move I will have to come back and purchase. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity and congratulations!

  17. I like either the Mushrooms set, in earth tones, or the enokitake mushroom print. I like all your stuff, but the mushrooms really sing to me.

    Congratulations on 500 posts!

  18. It was so hard to pick just one favourite. I love all of your stuff! But I think I’m going to have to go with the Sassy Sea Urchin. I love bizarre sea creatures! I must say that I also love all of the mushroom prints. So simple, yet so effective. It so nice of you to have this contest! Thanks!

  19. I <3 the Deco Bird – ACEO mini print. He is very sweet looking, and would go well in my living room. He really stands out to me from the other subjects. The three chickens standing on one leg were also great, my Mother in Lawn would love them.

  20. Hi there! I recently found your blog, and I think you’re great. My definite fave is Growing Beautiful in the Garden of Eden. It’s just so bright and lovely.

  21. “The Dream Bird” is my favorite that I’ve seen; it looks like little dark rosebuds filling the bird to the brim.

  22. Congrats on your 500th post and continued success on your life journey! Your work is absolutely amazing and completely thought provoking. I feel the emotions in each piece and they’re all amazing. I picked out one that I particularly liked: What Does the Hand Mean – Print. I love that!

    Thanks for having this giveaway.

  23. I like the fall print – the colors were just very eyecatching to me. pposwaps(AT)

  24. wow, picking a favorite is difficult. i like summer tree…it would look nice on my wall.

  25. I love the symmetry and sunshinyness of Amelia. I loved the picture before I even noticed it’s title, which is my middle name.

  26. it’s tough to choose!! I love the WE series – We Flourish is probably my fave. Gorgeous art.

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