In the Beginnings of Busyness and Exhibits

Pivot Gallery and Boutique Selection

When it rains it storms so they say. It seems all at once I had run out of packaging cardboard and perhaps that is why my sales slowed this week. I believe you emit those things via energy fields to the world. I am now prepared again. Bring it on Baby! I salvage excess clean cardboard from local businesses and cut it down to the four standard sizes I need for packaging orders.

Cardboard Cutting

I filled two large orders this week, one of which is 24 originals for matting, framing and exhibit at the Klausen Gallery which will be for sale during the City’s next Gallery Hop on August 8th, 2008. The Klausen Gallery is located at 106 Prince William Street in Uptown Saint John, New Brunswick. I had attended the last gallery hop and not in my wildest dreams did I think my art would be included in next hop.

Jorgen Klausen is the owner and he is one brilliant photographer.

I was also contacted by OrangeWillow about sending reproductions on consignment down to the Pivot Gallery and Boutique in Kentucky that she owns and operates. You can follow the developing story here on her blog. I shipped 18 reproductions out on Wednesday to her.

Klausen Gallery Art 02

This is exciting for me. The first two, of hopefully many more gallery contacts.

I may have been creating art since the age of four however it’s only in the last few years that I’ve begun to be recognized for it. I am a beginner at best when it comes to galleries and selling my art. I am learning and doing the best I can as a I go.

Klausen Gallery Art 01

Image Credits
• 1. Print selection sent to Pivot
• 2. Cutting cardboard on my deck
• 3. Miniatures originals with certificates to the Klausen Gallery.
• 4. Four larger originals with certificates to Klausen.

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4 thoughts on “In the Beginnings of Busyness and Exhibits”

  1. Very nice collection of drawings, Jessica. I’m sure you’ll do well with them! Have you ever considered selling on line…I do.

    I have a gallery at* which is through Zazzle and is free to use. It’s not too difficult to set up, and I could pretty much guarantee you that, with your obvious art skills and a little networking, you would be a favorite of many visitors.

    I haven’t had a great deal of success, yet, but my style is kind of all over the board. Happy to answer a few questions if you have any. Otherwise, best wishes with a prosperous future in art!

  2. Hi Phil

    I do sell my work online yet only began selling my artwork offline to galleries etc very recently. My shop is and it’s beginning to pick up some… momentum, thankfully.

    I’m off to check out your artwork on Zazzle… I had not heard of that site before you mentioned here.

    Nice to meet you Phil!

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