And the winners of the 3 print packs are…

First Prize – Tressa
Second Prize – Jean Young
Third Prize – LoveMeKnot Creations

Rather than tearing up little pieces of paper like I’ve done in the past or asking a family member to pick a number between such and such I traveled to and had them pick three random numbers between 1 and 44 as that was how many comments there was.

I’ll be packaging your print packs tonight and mailing them off to you tomorrow. Thank you everyone for entering and leaving wonderful comments for me to read. It was nice to have you around to celebrate my 500th blog post.

Cheers all!

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5 thoughts on “And the winners of the 3 print packs are…”

  1. So close and yet so far. Number eight was I, alas a loss only one more time. I look forward to seeing more of your art. I really enjoy the photo of the various wrapped pieces ready to go out. What kind (brand) of paper do you use? My latest trial, of four so far, is the HP everday matte photo paper. I don’t like it because it’s so thin. Still hunting for that ellusive paper.


  2. I’ve not used HP matte paper for that reason. I’ve been experimenting with Staples, Epson and Canon. Staples and Epson papers are awesome. I really had to adjust my printer settings to accept the thickness of Epson and Staples matte paper because it doesn’t handle thick paper too good. Yet… after trial and error I did indeed figure it out.

    Do you have a website hfedd? I’d love to see what you do to!

    You will win one of these days :)


  3. I have also tried the Staples paper. I read some reviews on it’s fade resistance and they weren’t good. Also, they don’t appear to be acid free. I did like the quality of print though. I haven’t tried the Epson paper yet. I will be in Vancouver tomorrow night and plan on hitting Opus. They have some good paper also.

    I don’t have a website yet. I was supposed to have an Etsy shop by now but have been busy with renovations. One major project is done and now I am setting up a studio in a basement bedroom, very exciting.


  4. hfedd – oh how I miss Vancouver sometimes. I lived there for four years.

    I’m using HP 02 Dye based ink and from what I’ve read I gather this much; most sites average saying they will last 72 years while some claim as much as 100 years and A few said 80 years.

    I’m still researching Staples papers. I love the vividness of the image though that it creates from my printer.

    As an artist I want to use the best quality I can afford as I sell my artwork to the public. YET, when I pull out drawings that I created as a child using materials that were by no means acid free they still hold their color and remain intact. And some of them are going on 30 years of age.

    Wow! A studio is so much fun to set up hfedd! I can’t wait to see some of the artwork you do. Get that Etsy shop up and going!

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