We Fourish and Reproduce

…but first we grow.

We Flourish

We Flourish (above) made the front page of Etsy last week. Thank you LillyYella. I think We Grow did at one point to. All three originals in this series that are named We are on exhibit at the Klausen Gallery in Uptown Saint John. I created prints of them in three sizes; ACEO mini print, 5×7 inch and in 8.5×11 inch size. Each are available in my shop.

We Reproduce

It’s exciting to make the front page of Etsy. I will not lie… the exposure is great. I can’t even sit down at my computer when it happens. I need to run outside and breath. Haha! And sadly there is a huge backlash of angry Etsy sellers in the forums lately who hate the fact that some sellers do indeed make the front page. Truth be told, I went months without making the front page and felt sad about it yes, yet I knew the reason is very simple for not making the front page…

Work hard creating unique art in whatever form of creation that is, scan, photograph and get it to the best it can look. And you must love what you do and I can’t repeat that enough… Love what you do and take the risk of putting yourself out there.

After this post I am working on my wholesale site. Yes, it’s been a secret up ’til now. I can be found on Trunkt. Come on over and say hi!

Bye :)

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11 thoughts on “We Fourish and Reproduce”

  1. hey, not to be random, but i really like your artwork! i’m sort of an artist as well and was really impressed by your style because it’s really interesting. I was just wondering if you could tell me what youre using as a medium, because i can’t figure it out. Also, I was wondering if you are still holding a contest for your art giveaway because i would like to enter for any of your water-themed designs; i really like the starfish and sea urchins!

  2. Congrats! I know how hard it is to get recognition for what one does, especially with art. I like your pieces, there’s a certain quality/look/feel to them that fits in with my own perceptions/outlook/vision. I wish that you continue to get positive recognition and that your successes grow.

  3. To be honest cmealo17 it’s a mix of two or three different brands of ink, watercolour and coloured pencil on watercolour paper. The original measured 2.5 by 3.5 inches and is an ACEO. I illustrate in miniature size much of the time. I will paint large scale someday again when space permits me to as my studio is limited.

    The next contest will happen in about 3 to 4 weeks time as the last giveaway just wrapped up a few days ago.

    You are sort of an artist to use your own words? You must be an artist if you asked what medium rather than what did you use? :)

    Thank you for asking and inquiring about my art. It’s nice to meet you!

    By the way, what mediums do you like to experiment with?

  4. I used to use mostly acrylic or just do stuff in pencil, but lately i’ve been really into marker… the only problem with marker is that it fades, unless i get prints, which cost too much. I like almost all medium and im doing mixed media with marker and watercolor on cardboard, but my watercolor looks pathetic compared to yours, ha, yours look like they’re almost computer generated- i was thinking before that you were using adobe…

    I’ve been working on bigger surfaces lately, i just had my dad help me assemble a 6ftx4ft canvas ( i think bigger is less intimidating because it allows for more mistakes). Some things i’ve just finished in marker and acrylic are actually for sale in a small gallery, so im pretty excited.

    Anyway, sorry for telling you my life story but i guess im just not used to talking to other people who are interested in art. i’ll be sure to try and enter for your next giveaway!

  5. Too bad about the backlash, I think your work is certainly deserving of the FP! Mine has been on it three times so far and I was just sooooo excited.

    Putting something so personal out there is scary at first! Would you agree that being unique and not trying to copy someone else or imitate what you see selling is key to long term success?

  6. cmealo17 – Thanks for sharing your choice of mediums with me. I had my dad once help me cut out masonite for painting upon to. I hope to paint large again soon when I’m into my own place this fall or early next year. until then I’ll be creating smaller pieces.

    I do use the Adobe creative suite, namely Photoshop when working on digital art.

    Good luck with your sales in the gallery!

  7. Hi Karen – it is exciting! I would have to agree Karen with your statement/question.

    If we all create the norm then our art will not stand out against the masses. We as artists need to create unique, individual pieces that perhaps the masses will imitate but not be able to re-create. By people imitating our styles we become more popular so to speak.

    What do you think?

  8. Hello Jessica,

    Your prints came in the mail today! Thank you, so much. They are wonderful. What a wonderful treat to win your drawing!! These prints will be matted, framed and enjoyed.

    As for Emily and Milton, I’m hooked. I’ll be checking out your online shop for Christmas presents and maybe a Milton for me…

    Thanks, again!

  9. Hi Tressa! I’m glad they arrived safely to you and happy you like them.

    Thanks for thinking about my shop for Christmas gifts. Let me know if I can help with anything.


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