The Wise Barnacle and a Brief Synopsis on How he Came to be an Older Brother

This is the Sassy Sea Urchin‘s Brother, whom is much the wiser and older than she.

Mr. Wise began as an archival ink drawing, rendered with micron 005 nib pen; the smallest nib one can buy. I scanned him in at an obscenely high resolution and began colouring in Adobe Photoshop. Colouring sounds so child-like and in essence that is what I have done. Four days and 18 Photoshop layers later he is complete.

The Wise Barnacle

For consistency sake I added a similar shadow to make him pop off the page and carried the same colour pallet over from Miss. Urchin. And as I hadn’t shown a close-up of Miss. Urchin, here she is.

Sassy Sea Urchin

By the way, I almost called Mr. Wise the Bitchin’ Barnacle! YAH!

Both are available in my shop in 5×5 and 8×8 inch size. The Sassy Sea Urchin has moved on to become my best seller. When I opened my shop, never in my wildest dreams imagined that one illustration would outshine the rest and she did just that, last month. Thank you to everyone who purchased her and left me such wonderful feedback.

They each were born side by side as original ink drawings in one of my journals that were drawn on Wreck Beach in Vancouver, BC.

Original Micron pen ink drawings of Sassy Sea Urchin and the Wsie Barnacle by Jessica Doyle


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10 thoughts on “The Wise Barnacle and a Brief Synopsis on How he Came to be an Older Brother”

  1. Jessica, I love how you give your pieces “pet” names and they have family!

    I just love these two pieces, especially barnacle. He was an interesting illustration, but the color and layers you added in photshop give this such polish and energy.

    Keep doin’ what your doin’ girl. Your work and your success inspires me!


  2. I don’t know if I could not name them or have them be without story. The story develops over time and I hope to keep adding to it in the coming months and years.

    Jen, thank you for the encouraging words. And your Foral Improv series of ACEO’s are beautiful!

  3. I love your barnacle illustrations and am wondering if I can use one of your images in our community newsletter titled The Barnacle.

  4. Hi Amy

    Please do email me at eastvanesica AT gmail DOT com with the details. Thank you :)


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