3 Ways to Positively Change You

1. Don’t visit the Etsy forums. EVER. period.

These days the Etsy forums resemble a mad hatters tea party on acid except everyone is serving nastiness and it’s become non-positive in every way shape and form. I can’t weed out the negative anymore. They can and will suck your creative spirit dry. As of today I will no longer peruse them. Good Bye!

2. Don’t sign up for Plenty of Fish.

I signed up last year. Then after three weeks of idiots never logged back in until two weeks ago. The idiocy has begun anew with a vengeance. To deter the idiots I made my profile mean (brutally honest). The idiots multiplied. How is this possible that such a small community as Saint John, New Brunswick is so full of rednecks! Moments ago I deactivated my account.

3. Don’t overexpose yourself to noise and crowds.

I love all the people in my life. Don’t get me wrong on this. My social life has been increasing more than I can handle both online and offline. Clubs. Parties. Weddings. Get-togethers. Family Gatherings. Drunk people. Loud Music. POF. Etsy forums. My creativity has seriously wained as a consequence. Thus, it is time to hibernate picking up and using flickr, blog and pen. I need some down time. Really. Badly. I sleep with ear plugs and my cat. I like it quiet just like that.

Just by doing those three things listed above I am adjusting my aura. To much socializing and not enough time alone to re-energize will make me sick. I learned while in treatment for anxiety and addiction that I am an introvert which simply means I need much more alone time and one on one time in small groups than 90% of the rest of the world who are extroverted and need people time all the time to re-energize.

This fact is good. This realization, that I am on the road to an unhealthy lifestyle makes me smile. Haha! Because I realize it and have pinpointed the three main sources of my anxiety. Now, I put it into practice by focusing on the good things.

I feel normal. As most normal people know when enough is enough. Much of my life I didn’t know what was enough or what was lacking. To “know” this empowers me to move into action creating masterpieces for your walls!

Life is an ebb and flow of ideas, choice and change.

In eight days I will be sober of GHB for three years. How about that!

Image credit – Aura, Acrylic painting on 2 by 2 foot board by me, Jessica Doyle. Both the original painting and prints are available in my art shop.

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10 thoughts on “3 Ways to Positively Change You”

  1. Back on track is right. It’s important to know yourself a little and the patterns of your life. It makes it easier to guide your boat instead of being at the mercy of other people’s energy.

    I really like this painting, and am very happy to see you return to the larger canvas medium. I noticed you are not selling the frame with the canvas, interesting. Have you ever seen these before? https://store.opusframing.com/sagro/storefront/store.php?mode=browsecategory&category=1608

    The picture doesn’t do them justice. They are a great way to frame open canvases, and they are not very expensive. I have made two using my woodworking tools. This is even cheaper and you can design them however you like. I noticed Opus doesn’t have the 24X24, but it may be something to keep in mind. You could probably have them made locally for less than buying/shipping from Opus.

    I will try to send you a couple of photos of the ones I’ve made to give you the profile and an idea of how they look. The frame can be stained/painted any way you wish to match the painting. The only thing is that my computer and my camera don’t seem to be on speaking terms right now so it might not be right away.


  2. I can understand why you need to cut them down or out of your life. Though sometimes you can get lucky. We met through PoF I believe : ) Plus I have met my girlfriend through there too. Though I will admit that there were A Lot of… well rejects along the ways as well.

    I’m Introverted too, and I’m pretty sure that I haven’t been spending the alone time that I need either. Paintings have been sitting on the floor unfinished for well over a month. I think I’ll go and finish one.

  3. hfedd – Thanks for the info. Now I have to ask if you work for Opus? đŸ˜‰

    The painting “Aura” is painted on masonite. I prefer to paint on board rather than canvas.

    Being at the mercy of others is not fun indeed.

  4. AscenderRisesAbove – I read that book about three maybe four years ago. It was very informative. My ex-boyfriend had given it to me while I was recovering from anxiety and addiction.

    And thank you about the painting :)

  5. Brian – The idiots who began contacting me was getting out of control. I felt i lost control of my own profile. Haha! For now the pof account will stay innactive.

    I went on a date though last night. Fun fun!
    And have another date tomorrow night. Fun fun again!

    I’m glad we met. We need to get together to and do nothing but draw and paint in that crazy art room of yours!

  6. First the Art. Excellent colors and texture. and the layout is very cool, it feels very symmetrical but still organic, like tomorrow you might look at it and the plants would be taller, greener and perhaps sprouting brightly colored flowers.

    Second the words. I love reading you blog almost as much as looking at your art work. It’s great to recognize the aspects of one’s life that can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. And pulling back and taking time for yourself is always good. Although I sometimes find myself being too solitary. Then I know it is time to reach out and escape my comfort zone.

    Congrats on all your successes and your beautiful talent.

  7. I love your imagination AndrewS!

    Being solitary can have it’s drawbacks namely that of being lonely. The blogging and sharing online eases that feeling quite a bit.

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