Radiant Melana – Floral Illustration

Melana was created with sepia hued India ink, Prismacolor Verithin lightfast coloured pencils and Windsor & Newton Watercolour on heavy gorgeously textured cream coloured card stock. She measures 5×7 inches (12,7cm by 17,8cm). The original illustration is for sale at $140 and prints are available for purchase at $12.

Matting is also available here. Simply specify in your message to seller upon purchase that you would like “Radiant Melana” as your choice of print to be matted.

Hope you like her!


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4 thoughts on “Radiant Melana – Floral Illustration”

  1. Thank you Julie. Etsy is a great venue. I have been a member since August 2007 and opened my shop a few months laster in November of 2007. In May and June of 2008 I began working at it more uploading many many items for sale. It wasn’t until then that my sales increased and were steady. I love it there though yet it does have some quirks and quarks that I hope they fix or add in soon such as seller stats. You sell blind on there as they provide you with next to no statistics save for view and heart amounts.

    Nice to meet you!

  2. I told you those plants would sprout gloriously colored flowers. =)

    I couldn’t pass this one up and just ordered a matted print. Do you do all the matting yourself?

  3. Hi Andrew! Thank you so much for the order. I am adept at matting myself however do not currently have the physical space/room to cut it out myself. I purchase it pre-cut to the size I need. I do however, assemble, package, print, date and sign it all.

    I hope you like her. :)


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