Swinging on a Tarzan Rope!

Last month I went camping at Harding’s Point Campground in New Brunswick with my brother, his girlfriend and friends. On Sunday, Ian and I stumbled across this Tarzan rope in the middle of the woods tied to a huge tree. I jumped on. Haha!

Image Credit – Ian of http://picsbyian.com

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2 thoughts on “Swinging on a Tarzan Rope!”

  1. The last time I did this was in my Army test, in 2001. One stood on a 1ft x 1 ft platform, 10 feet from the ground and jumped to a rope dangling at a distance *MORE* than your arm’s reach. One had to leap out and grab it while in air. (Probably, THEY thought they can measure/test absense (?) of courage…)

    And I remember how it feels to glide in the air…

    WITHOUT the rope in your hands.

    Thuddd-ed. Ra.

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