The Nameless Ones (Series of three paintings)

The Nameless Ones no.1


The Nameless Ones no.2


The Nameless Ones no.3


This series began as acrylic and india ink paintings on 1/4 inch thick board. Each painting measures 6×6 inches, however the prints are 8×8 inches and appear as vibrant as they do on your screen! I enlarged them and they look fantastic! The colours are crisp and bright.


I am keeping the original paintings myself as it is not to often that I keep an original, let alone a set of originals. I usually sell it (them) or give it (them) away. Open Edition Prints are available in the shop.


Thank you! Hope you like them!

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9 thoughts on “The Nameless Ones (Series of three paintings)”

  1. Loved them… These reminded me of a long lost friend, Al-Sayidi Hassan from Iraq, who did a 5 piece series on The Zebra.

    He used black oil-paint on Butter Paper, and each section is about 12 feet long. I shall post the photos.

    All the best and thanks for bringing back those memories of MY GLORY DAYS…


  2. Thank you Heidi… yes, it feels nice to keep something I created. I think we as artists have a tendency to give it away or sell it etc… and not hold onto our creations for very long.

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