Secret #2 – Say, write, email or blog a thank you

These last few months are turning out to be some of the best and most memorable months for me in terms of art creation, exposure and hence gratitude. It’s so easy these days to become overwhelmed with emails, blog postings, comment moderation, facebook, flickr, features, etsy, galleries, friends, family, *dating and the responding to such. Throw into that mix, a few bad apples and I do become depressed or anxious at times as people or situations are not always what you want them to be. Occasionally, it can be down right nasty what people say to you.

Rather than let their fear fester within you simply accept that that is that person’s opinion or desire to pick to on you and move on from it! In the past, one small remark would set me back for weeks, even years. Today, it doesn’t take me as long to figure out bad from good. And not everyone’s bad is bad and vice versa.

Life is all trial and error and it’s what you do with those errors that will push you forward letting the past rest where it should be and the future seem possible all the while making the present just.

Thank you :)

And on a gratitude side note…
Everyone who has won a print from me during one of the giveaways has emailed a very nice thank you for the prints(s) they won. Katie Lewis (pictured below) who won the last draw emailed me two days ago saying thank you and attached a picture of herself holding the print she won. Katie, that made me smile :). Thank you.


Today, Christie, a student studying Graphic Design in Mobile, Alabama, emailed asking how I drew and painted the Enokitake Mushrooms. She chose to use me as her artist to copy for a project they are doing in class where they must create a work of art in the style of another artist. I was flattered! I wrote back explaining how I created it step by step. Thank you for writing to me.

I remember in college doing similar projects, copying the works of great artists from years gone by who are long dead now. There is one huge difference between today’s students and yesterday’s students; we only had access to a library of books and without internet. That was between the years 1992 and 1996 when I was studying at the New Brunswick College of Craft & Design.

And a third thank you to an anonymous female who emailed me a few weeks ago in frantic desperation trying to find help for her boyfriend who is addicted to GHB. I hope that what I wrote back to you helps you to find the treatment he needs and the courage to know that life can be different.

I am so thankful for the internet and all of you who make what I do possible everyday.

* Dating – more to come on that
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  1. Just forget about the ‘bad’ people writing silly things in your comments. Then she has to ask herself why is she here and reading your blog in a pitiful mood if there’s much more important things to worry about!Do you know what?There’s nothing really nothing important than the loved ones death.Love,

  2. You are very wise and seem to have much common sense :) Thank you for your kind words and it’s very nice to meet you yasemin gültekin. Your above comment made me smile.

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