The Ad was Stripped During the Last 48 Hours

    Sadly, the ad is not an ad.
    Sadly, I will not be able to showcase that rotating exhibit of other artists work from Gawker Artists in this blog’s sidebar.
    Sadly, the ad was displaying on my blog for a full two months!
    Sadly, someone must have reported me to when I finally announced my acceptance to Gawker artists two days ago.
    Sadly, responded back to me, “I suspect that it is being automatically stripped because we’re not keen on it – sorry about that!”
    Sadly, I will, respect rules.

…because I love blogging on

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10 thoughts on “The Ad was Stripped During the Last 48 Hours”

  1. It’s pretty simple actually:

    I cannot host my own blog due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of coding. However, I can and will continue to make the internet pretty with illustrations that will always be free for everyone to see online.

    Yet, this situation on WordPress is frustrating and to be honest it scares me as I don’t want my blog to be nuked. I will respect their rules for free service just as I respect the rules on Flickr.

    Yet, being accepted to Gawker Artists was a HUGE deal for me and having the gallery stripped by WordPress was akin to being kicked in the face as it was on my blog for two full months.

    The times I have tried to self-host or find someone to help me with it failed miserably.

    The lines between personal and business meld so much for me these days that it is getting harder and harder to continue with the services I am using out of fear alone.

    And I am not the only artist enduring through this misery. We talk a lot and it’s becoming apparent that the lines are greying more and more everyday with regards to the work we do.

    So where is the line drawn?

    All we can do is accept it until it is changed. And slowly things do improve and have changed. At one time I could not link to my Etsy shop and now I can on WordPress.

    That fact alone gives me hope.

  2. “I cannot host my own blog due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of coding.”

    Jessica, it’s really easy to host your own blog and still be able to use the WordPress software. If you ever feel the need to go in that direction, just let me know. I’m sure I can help.

  3. Hi biffybeans – no you cannot monetize a account. It was one of the reasons I came here to blog because it is ad free, yet, i feel very restricted in what I can and can’t do.

    The downlaodable version of wordpress found on for self-hosting is a free for all and you can put anything on it you want. But, when using you can’t. So, I respect that.

    The Gawker ad is not an ad though but a free public service to artists.

    I have considered other blogging platforms but migrating over 2 years worth of posts with images spelled disaster the last time I did it. I still have not recovered from that as many of my pre-September 2007 posts contain broken images, link and odd characters in them. They were lost in the move.

    I just feel bummed about the whole thing :(

  4. Hi Jim!

    Thank you for the offer of help. I know it’s easy for most people. It is not so for me Haha!

    I am negotiating with a close college friend who saw my Tweets right now to help with setting up my own self hosted blog again. I used to self host and am thinking i must return to doing that.

    I miss being able to use Flash and/or Javascript embeds as we can not do that on :(

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