Monday’s list – stats, features and missing friends

  1. All orders are shipping out on time
  2. Milton the Fish made the Friday Finds Fish List!
  3. Very close friend leaves to build snow bridges for four to five months in Northern Manitoba on Wednesday morning so companies can get their precious oil out while the marshland ground is frozen and accessible :(
  4. Do you love me featured on Ahora que hice
  5. Censorship by Bananas and his sexier female flowered counterpart featured on Medusa de Lumbre – Thank you!
  6. Finished custom bottle and box rendering work for Liquid Sunshine new product launch
  7. My profile on Flickr just surpassed 20,000 views excluding the views on individual uploads
  8. 284 Twitterites are following me, thank you
  9. Quietly opened shop on Artfire which has currency converter built in when you are logged in to buy or sell
  10. My artwork is on five continents now – Wow!
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