Brain. Fingers. Emotion. Computer?

I feel so sad right now. My emotions have run away with the circus.

My family is away. A very close friend, whom I love, is leaving tomorrow and I’m sitting here feeling sorry for myself. And words do not express how frustrating it is that my computer is so freaking slow.

No, the computer is not to slow; my brain and fingers are just too fast for this computer.

My fingers type key commands ever so quickly these days that the mac wheel just keeps turning, turning turning… all the while Photoshop, iPhoto, Firefox, Illustrator, inDesign and umteen other pieces of software refuse to do their job at the speed I need to them to do it in and continue processing processing processing. I don’t even know where to find the key commands in the menus anymore. I learn them, remember them and move on to the next one because it’s efficient.

When you’ve been using a mac since 1994 you become adept at making it work to capacity all the while being very efficient at operating three or more programs at once to get the job done, socialize and be productive.

Well, capacity was reached about TWO years ago!

Can I just freak out and not be calm for one minute.



And to top it all off most of the online software that would make my job easier is not supported by OSX 10.3.9 which is what I run on a Titanium G4 Laptop from 2003.

Rant done.
Thank you for listening.

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9 thoughts on “Brain. Fingers. Emotion. Computer?”

  1. Acceptance of ‘what is’ is my biggest challenge too. Things change, that’s the beauty of being a human, although we don’t usually appreciate change because we are afraid of change. I used to think that fear was the foundation for our suffering, but now I am thinking it’s resisting ‘what is’. ‘What is’ refers to your friend moving and your computer (which I would trade with you in less than an instant if you would, I have a crappy Vista-based piece-o-shite). Maybe you are being given some alone time to enjoy your own company and reflect on how well things are going for you?

    I really don’t think this helped, but at least you know you are not alone.


  2. hfedd – your words are comforting. Most times I can and do accept things yet, i know without making the effort to change them they will remain the same.

    I guess it comes to accepting like you said “What is” and that is so true.

    We must enjoy the journey and not just the final destination.

    I’m so happy to be making your acquaintance online. It’s nice to meet new people I can relate to and speak with.

    Cheers to you my friend!!!

    Jessica :)

  3. Glad you liked the comment. After I pressed the release button I thought, “What am I doing?” I recognise we haven’t had all the usual groundwork conversations that go with this type of perspective, so I am glad you are okay with it.

    About enjoying the journey, I agree as long as we try, and this is hard, to embrace the journey sections that don’t make us feel good. It’s a fact that your friend is moving and that stinks, but it’s what’s happening, and sitting with that pain is what releases us from it. If we just push it aside or try to distract ourselves (this is my specialty) then we miss that section of the journey.


  4. Ok, I have a few things you can try to make your computer run faster, possibly.

    1. Shutdown, then restart and hold down the “Apple” + “Option” + the “P” and The “R” keys (It’s Like Twister for your fingers). Start holding these down right before you hear the Apple Chime, and then continue to hold them Down till you hear the computer Chime 2 more times. This clears your PRAM (RAM that holds it’s memory even after your shutdown) and might make it run a little faster.

    2. Permission Repair. Open your Applications folder > Utilities Folder > Disk Utility. Run the Permission Repair on your HD. This might help get things running faster again also. Plus watching it fix things makes you feel better.

    3. 10gbs of free space. The more free space the better. But OS 10 likes 10gbs free just for it to work correctly. Move as much off to External HDs as possible, this also backs your work up in case of a catastrophic accident. They are not too expensive now either, you can get a 300gb drive for around $100.

    4. Relax, at what other point in history would you be able to vent like this and have someone in Akron, Ohio smile and know your frustration?

    Hope some of this helps and you get back to happy soon.


  5. Hi adsunderland!

    1. I forgot about zapping PRAM. Did that and it helped a bit.

    2. Will do that this weekend.

    3. Back in May I purchased another back up drive (500GB) to keep my hard drive free of clutter. I now have two external drives. My laptop has 36.2GB of free disk space. I wrote about it here.

    4. Acron, Ohio! I had family living there for years! Know any Wong’s? Seriously?

  6. Ha, no I don’t know any Wongs, but I didn’t grow up here just came for the work. Akron is the retail advertising capital of the Midwest, or at least N.E. Ohio. Which really means we do a lot of ads for diapers and whatnot. But the city is actually pretty nice for a midsized Ohio town.

  7. Oh, the joys of diaper layout! Have fun!

    I was in Akron twice visiting the Wongs; once at the age of 5 and remember many many tulips growing everywhere then at the age of 13 and remember it being very very cold then.

  8. Ha, can I just say that I love the idea that someone from Canada remembers Akron as being cold.

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