Artist Tip #21 – How I created children’s paper scrap packs for Christmas gifts

Last night I assembled three paper scrap packs for my nieces; ages three, six and eight.

If you are like me you have many many paper scraps, oops prints and papers that are too small to use. I cut down a larger sheet of cardboard with teddy bears printed on it which now doubles as the backing inside the 8×10 inch plastic bag. The resealable plastic bags are the same ones I use to seal my art and reproductions in. A ziplock baggy would work fine to.

I dug out my medium paper scrap box finding all the pretty paper I could and cut any rough edges square and did the same with the paper from the miniature scrap collection. Next, I sifted through oops and test prints and placed five or six in each bag.

scrap pack - jessica doyle

I cut down one strip of blank stickers and wrote on the back “Draw your own Stickers” and drew the first two for them so they could colour them in.

Lastly I made four packs of itsy bitsy mini blank greeting cards with envelopes for them to draw on. I recycled used kraft mailers to make the mini envelopes and found some shiny red paper to create the envelope seals with. I threw in a glue stick and then sealed each bag.


They look fantastic! I hope they like them :)

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7 thoughts on “Artist Tip #21 – How I created children’s paper scrap packs for Christmas gifts”

  1. This is such a great idea, kinda want to smack myself over the head for not thinking of something like this. I will definitively remember for next year. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Excellent stuff.. I could do this. Though in truth, Orla grabs any spare paper, prints, and whatnot from my studio as soon as she can get a tootie in the door. However, I know some little girls who would LOVE something like this.


  3. OMG What an excellent idea! I spend so much energy keeping the kids OUT of my studio, when they desperately want to get their paws on my papers… this is the purrrfect Christmas gift!
    I’ve been looking for inexpensive options, and they were right under my nose… but of course, it takes someone ingenious like you to point out the obvious. :)

  4. Thanks Lorrie and Tara!

    I think there is a small army of artists now creating these packs from their own materials for gift giving this year… delightful!

  5. Awesome gift. My budding artist would be into that. Last year I bought my sister’s kids and my sil’s kids totes and filled with craft supplies.

  6. Thanks Sarah! Kids love to be able to cut, paste and colour things. Crafts make an awesome gift for kids. A tote filled with supplies sounds wonderful.

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