RIP Cat McGandy – June 1991 to December 2008


Cat McGandy AKA Aloka became ill last week. We thought she would pull through by the weekend. Last night she took a turn for the worse and passed away earlier today.

My friends gave her to me as High School graduation gift in June of 1991. She was the runt of a litter of kitties from a friend’s family farm. She was so tiny and never grew to more than 7lbs as an adult. But she loved life and everything that went along with being the family cat.

The picture above is her drinking from the Fountain of Youth. We all aptly named that little water fountain as she would only drink water from it so daily it had to be re-filled two sometimes three times. She taught my other cat, Missy, to drink from it to.

She is much loved and will be missed dearly.


Cat McGandy (Aloka) – June, 1991 – December 23, 2008

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6 thoughts on “RIP Cat McGandy – June 1991 to December 2008”

  1. How sad for you and your family. People don’t give cats enough credit for their affection and love. I live with two wonderful cats (I don’t consider them “pets” because I don’t believe we can “own” them, that’s why I said live with them).


  2. my condolences… we lost a dog a few days before christmas a few years ago, so I know what that feels like.

    Someone actually said to me a few days later: “what’s the matter, your dog die or something?” too.

  3. Oh dear Jessica, what a sad news…

    I know what it’s like to loose a 4 legged friend… but other days will come, and the memories of good times will prevail.

    I wish you the best (possible) Christmas, full of Peace and Love, and a Happy New Year!


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